WAG Visual Elements 62 Gail Gifford, "The Pearl"

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Close up painting of a white building with green wrought iron balconies and a sign with the words The Pearl Restaurant

Gail Gifford, London
The Pearl, 2020
40.64 x 50.8 x 3.81 cm

“On a vacation to New Orleans I was taken with the vibrant flavour of the city. The wrought iron railings surrounding the balconies and the many neon signs shouting out the fare each establishment was offering seemed to be totally unique to this town. This city seems to have a life all its own. When seeing the sign for The Pearl Restaurant I admired its Art Deco look and the interesting architectural features of the building from which it was hanging. After several years of contemplation, I decided to take on the task of painting the image I had captured.”



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