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Effective January 1, 2022, you are no longer required to purchase a dog tag from the City of Woodstock.

The requirement of pet owners to identify their dog will now be the responsibility of the pet owner.  Each owner is to obtain their own tag with owner contact information clearly displayed or microchip for their dog. 

Municipal Code Chapter 212 will continue to contain provisions requiring identification and continue to establish fines for those who do not meet the requirements. 

Pet owners can easily purchase a personalized tag with their phone number printed on it, either online or at a local pet store, obtain a tag from their vet, or have their animal microchipped in order to meet the by-law requirements. 

Personalized tags also gives the person who finds a dog the option of contacting the owner directly to redeem the dog or calling Animal Control to have the dog picked up. 

If your dog is picked up by animal control without contact information when you redeem your pet, your information will be provided to the City of Woodstock.  You will have 30 days in which to prove to the City of Woodstock By-law department that you now compliant with Municipal Code Chapter 212 or be subject to a fine.  

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Clerks Department at 519-539-1291 or by email

Lost Dogs

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Dog Parks

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