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Sponsorship Opportunities

The City of Woodstock offers many advertising and sponsorship opportunities to help promote your business. Whether you choose to advertise in one of our recreation centers, sponsor a community skate, swim or event, you will reach a targeted audience of local consumers. Your message is viewed in a positive environment while you support your community.

Advertising Opportunities To Consider

The City of Woodstock has many cost-effective advertising opportunities, including:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking for sponsor opportunities? Consider:

  • Program Sponsors: Public Swims, Public Skates
  • Naming Sponsorships at: Cowan Fields, Parks, Southside Aquatic Centre, Reeves Community Complex
  • Trails
  • Summer Swim Team and Woodstock Lifesaving Club
  • Ball Fields and Soccer Fields
  • Tennis, Pickleball, Volleyball, and Basketball Courts
  • Parks, Pavilions and Playground Equipment

The City of Woodstock is ready to explore customized sponsorship programs to fit your marketing needs while offering benefit to our community. Let's explore the options. Call us at 519-539-1291 ext. 2742

Advertising Opportunity Details

 Bleachers and Benches


Help the community cheer on their local teams by donating bleachers to a ball field in the City. Through your contribution a plaque will be displayed on the bleachers to recognize your support.

Cost: $3500


There are benches located throughout several of the City of Woodstock parks and trails for individuals who want to sit and watch their children, grandchildren and friends play at the park, or those who want to sit back and enjoy the scenery. By sponsoring a bench your business or family name will be displayed on the bench to demonstrate your contribution.

Cost: $2000

 Internal Fencing

Advertise your business on the internal fences of some of our most popular and utilized ball fields, at the Wading Pool and even Lions Pool. Your sign will be exposed to all those who come and participate or observe the summer fun.

Locations Available:

  • Wading Pool
  • Lions Pool
  • Tip O'Niel Field
  • Southside Park Fields
  • Complex Fields 
  • Cowan Fields
 Hydration Stations

Help keep our athletes hydrated by sponsoring our hydration station(s). Have a plaque with your business/ family name on it. Participants will recognize the support every time they go to fill up their water bottle.

Locations Annual Cost: $300

  • Southside Aquatic Centre
  • Reeves Community Complex
  • Civic Centre
  • Southside Park
  • Cowan Fields
 Scoreboards and Rink Boards


Reeves Community Complex - Red Pad

  • Illumination Panel ($1720 annually)

Rink Boards

Rink boards in the City of Woodstock's arenas are a great way to reach up to five hundred thousand people a year with your message displayed all year long.

With three ice rinks to choose from, you can direct you advertising to a variety of different groups. 

Civic Centre

  • 1 year Commitment - $1150

  • 2 year Commitment- $950 annually

  • 3 year Commitment- $750 annually

Reeves Community Complex Red Pad

Includes 2- 3ft by 8ft boards off set on either side rink

  • 1 year Commitment - $1775
  • 2 year Commitment- $1450 annually
  • 3 year Commitment- $1235 annually

Reeves Community Complex Green Pad

  • 1 year Commitment - $1150
  • 2 year Commitment- $950 annually
  • 3 year Commitment- $750 annually
 Ice Logos and Ice Resurfacing Wraps

Ice Logos

Ice Logos are a great way to catch the eye of the viewer or participant on the ice! Includes 2 in ice logos off set of one another.

  • Reeves Community Complex - Red pad ($1075 annually)

Ice Resurfacing Wraps

Showcase your business in an engaging way as ice rink observers watch the Olympia up to 5 times during a Navy vets game!

  • Reeves Community Complex - Red pad ($1180 annually) 
 Base Boxes, Umbrellas, Garbage and Recycling Bins

Base boxes

There are several base boxes located at each ball field to keep home plates, bases and other ball equipment safe. To honour your business or family's contribution a plaque will be placed on top of the base box. 

Cost: $800


Help patrons cool off and get protection from the sun during their time at the Spray and Play Wading Pool. Umbrellas are located on the picnic tables on both the grassy area and on the wooden deck. Have your company logo printed on the umbrellas. This is a great way to promote your business as patrons will be thankful for your contribution and will be utilizing the umbrellas for shade.


  • Southside Wading Pool

Garbage and Recycling Bin

Help keep our planet litter free. The placement of the garbage and recycling can will provide every individual who enters or exits the building to recognize the selected advertisement placed on it. 

Location Annual Cost: $500

  • Southside Aquatic Centre
  • Reeves Community Complex

Help keep your community safe by sponsoring an automated external defibrillator. With more AEDs located throughout our community we can be better prepared for an emergency situation. Your contribution will be displayed on a plaque beside the AED box. 

Location Cost: $1800

  • Southside Park
 Woodstock Tree Canopy Fund
Want to help keep our city looking beautiful? Contribute to the Woodstock Tree Canopy Fund where every penny helps! By making a donation you will be listed under either a bronze, silver, or gold sponsor on the City of Woodstock's website with you logo and name. Every dollar you contribute will be directly used to plant trees in the community. 

Sponsorship Opportunity Details


 Trails are a great way to get some exercise independently or with friends in the great outdoors. The City of Woodstock maintains several trails to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Woodstock has an extensive multi- use recreational trail and bikeway system that consists of on and off road leisure opportunities for cyclists, in-line skaters, walkers, and other non-motorized recreational pursuits. Naming rights to a trail will be displayed at the entrance of the trail on a sign to represent your contribution.

Summer Swim Team and Woodstock Life Saving Club

Summer Swim Team 

The Summer Swim Team takes place at the outdoor Lions Pool. They practice four nights a week and compete against other outdoor pools nearby every Wednesday. The Lions Pool Summer Swim team has a reputation for being a noteworthy and extremely successful team winning the Tri County Tournament several times. The swim team is for all ages and promotes a sense of community and team work is a healthy and active manner. Sponsoring the Summer Swim team is a remarkable way to showcase your support for community bonding and active lifestyles. Sponsoring the team would include naming rights to the team as well as recognition in the Recreation and leisure Guide. 

Summer Swim Team Caps 

Summer Swim Team caps are provided to every participant and are worn during both practices and competitions. Advertising your company's logo on the swim caps is a practical way to show your support and promote your business. Watch your logo soar through the water and cheer on your local summer swim team!

Annual Cost: $900

Summer Swim Team T-shirts

Summer Swim Team T-Shirts are also provided to every participant and are worn to tournaments and weekly competitions. Advertising your company's logo on the swim team t-shirts is a fun way to show your support and promote your business.

Annual Cost: $1500

Woodstock Life Saving Club

The Woodstock Lifesaving Club is comprised of youth between the ages of 8-12 working towards mastering lifesaving skills. The club practices 3 times a week and competes against other Lifesaving clubs twice a session. By sponsoring the Woodstock Lifesaving Club you will demonstrate your support for youth being active in their community and striving for lifesaving excellence. Sponsorship of the club will be recognized on Club uniforms and throughout the Recreation and Leisure Guide. 

Ball and Soccer Fields

Ball Fields

Baseball is the sport that has the highest amount of registrants in the City of Woodstock, naming rights to any ball field is a great way to promote your business and showcase your support for active living and community engagement. 

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