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P.A. Day, Winter Break, and March Break Camp 2023 is now LIVE!

2022/2023 P.A. Day Camps

Monday, October 24th

Cowan Park P.A. Day Camp Junior/Seniors

Cowan Park P.A. Day Camp KinderCamp


Friday, November 18th

Cowan Park P.A. Day Camp Junior/Seniors

Cowan Park P.A. Day Camp KinderCamp

Drop off between 7:30a.m.-9:00a.m.;Pick-up between 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m.

2022/2023 Winter Break Camps

Cowan Park Winter Break Juniors/Seniors (Ages 6-12) Dec. 27- Dec. 30; Jan. 2- Jan. 6

Cowan Park Winter Break KinderCamp (Ages 4-5) Dec. 27- Dec. 30; Jan. 2- Jan. 6

Reeves Complex Winter Break Junior/Seniors (Ages 6-12) Dec. 27- Dec. 30;Jan. 2- Jan. 6

Reeves Complex Winter Break KinderCamp (Ages 4-5) Dec. 27-Dec. 30; Jan. 2- Jan. 6

Winter Sport and Skating Camp (Ages 6-12) Dec. 27-Dec. 30; Jan 2- Jan. 6

Drop off between 7:30a.m.-9:00a.m.;Pick-up between 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m.

2023 March Break Camps

 Information coming soon!

 Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I register?

We encourage families to register online at or alternatively you are able to register by phone 519-539-2382 ext. 2701.

I need to cancel a week of camp. Will I get a refund?
If you are choosing to withdrawal your child from camp programming, 5 business days must be provided to be eligible for a full refund. If you are outside of the refund policy scope, a medical note must be provided to receive a full refund. Please note that a $25 administrative fee will be applied to process the refund. 
 Will my child be attending trips off-site?

YES! We are so excited to re-introduce camp trips weekly into our program plans. ALL camps will go on an adventure either locally or out-of-town. For a full trip schedule please visit 2022 Trip Schedules above. 

Please note that it is our intention to have all participants back to their home facility by 4 p.m. when travelling in or out-of-town. We have created our programming to ensure we have allotted time for traffic, construction, accidents, etc. Should a bus be experiencing delays that will affect the arrival time back at the facility, camp staff will call families to make them aware. 

 Will my child participate in swimming activities?
YES! For those aged 4-5 years, participants will splash away at the Southside Wading Pool. For those aged 6-12 will either swim at Southside Aquatic Centre OR Lions Outdoor Pool. 
What time can I drop off my child?
As we are an all inclusive camp, drop off can occur anytime between 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. & pick up is encouraged between 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Please refer to your child's camp schedule, provided on the first day of camp on location and expected times to be back at their home facility should they be out on an excursion, or swimming at the pool. 
What are the ratio's of summer camp?

Ages 4-5 - 1:8 ratio

Ages 6-12 - 1:12 ratio

 Will you offer one-on-one support for children who require support & accommodation? 
YES! We have limited Inclusion Facilitators available, who are ready to support your child's exceptionalities. This program is a first-come first-serve basis, and the request can be completed during the registration process. 
What does a camp day look like?

Great question! Each camp is unique to it's title, and will look different on day-to-day activities. Camps will have a strong focus on safety, outdoor play, and FUN! When signing in, groups will be participating in inclusive activities as new and old friends join in. Once all participants have arrived they will begin their day via a detailed program plan including activities, crafts, sports, swimming, and special guests OR trip adventures!

When picking up your child please don't forget your photo identification!


What do I need to pack for my child to attend camp?

It is encouraged to pack the following items:

1. A nut free lunch and snacks (similar to what you may pack for school)

2. A refillable water bottle

3. Sunscreen and hat are strongly recommended. *Please note that staff will not be putting sunscreen on your child, however will direct them and guide them on the how to. We encourage families to go through the process of how to put on sunscreen, so participants understand and can apply the sunscreen themselves. 

4. Comfortable, loose fitted clothing, as well as closed-toe shoes, such as running shoes.

5. A swimsuit and towel

6. Any extra items for a specialty camp you have registered for that requires you to bring your own equipment such as a bike, scooter, helmet, etc. 

What are the COVID regulations for this Summer?

As of April 30th, the Province of Ontario has removed all COVID regulations from the Day Camps guidelines. Mask wearing is no longer required in City facilities, however, if you and/or your child prefers to wear a mask while indoors, they are more than welcome to do so. Frequent handwashing will be incorporated into the program plans to help reduce the spread of germs, as well as frequent touch point cleaning by operations staff will also still occur.  

I have children of various ages; can they be in the same age?

We strongly encourage families to register for camp programs that reflect their child’s age, as we strive to deliver quality, safe & developmentally appropriate programs.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

YES! The Fee Assistance in Recreation - FAIR program assists City of Woodstock residents living in low income with the opportunities to participate in recreation and leisure activities provided by the City. 

How to Apply

  • Complete this Fee Assistance in Recreation (FAIR) Application Form
  • Upload proof of residence (ie. driver's license, property tax bill or utility bill)
  • Upload last year’s Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and Ontario Child Benefit (OCB) Notice
  • If you are not able to find the CCB and OCB Notice, upload last year’s Notice of Assessment from the Canadian Revenue Agency to cover the entire family. If you are not able to find last year’s Notice of Assessment you can call the Canadian Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 to obtain a copy of the “Income Tax Return”-Information Regular (which shows line 150)

What training and qualifications do camp staff have?

Our camp team consists of a variety of both post-secondary and secondary students. All camp staff and camp volunteers are trained in the following:

1. Standard First Aid & CPR C

2. HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development

3. Behaviour Management Systems training

4. Safeguard - Aquatic Training

5. City of Woodstock policies and procedures

HIGH FIVE Quality of Play


The City of Woodstock is a committed registered member of HIGH FIVE, Parks Recreation Ontario.

HIGH FIVE is a nation-wide quality assurance program designed to support the safety, well-being, and healthy development of children in sport and recreation programs.

City of Woodstock Culture Camps:

Please select the below links to view what programs/camps are being offered at our Art Gallery & Museum:

Woodstock Art Gallery Camps

Woodstock Museum Camps

Leader in Training - Call for Camp Volunteers

Our call for summer camp volunteers has closed. To volunteer next Summer, please check back in March 2023.


We are committed to delivery quality programs. Please help us by filling out our survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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