Fall Loose Leaf Collection


You have several options for getting rid of your leaves each fall.

Mulch or Compost

Leaves have valuable nutrients that are great for your lawn and garden. Simply mulch leaves with your lawnmower and leave them to feed your lawn. Leaf mulch also helps your soil retain moisture and can help prevent weeds. You can also place leaves in your backyard composter! Once they break down, you will have compost to add to your gardens or lawns. Be sure to not compact the leaves and stir the pile occasionally to bring in air. This will help with the decomposition process.

Yard Waste Depot

You can also drop your leaves for free at our Yard Waste Depot. The depot is located at 944 James Street and is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. By doing this, you are guaranteed that the leaves will not blow back onto your property or your neighbour's property before we can get there. It also keeps our roadside clear of leaves for parked vehicles and snow removal. 

Curbside Loose Leaf Collection

Collection begins Oct. 16 and runs until Nov. 30, 2023 

You can also rake and pile loose leaves at the curb during the curbside collection weeks. To coordinate the curbside collection, the city has been divided into nine zones. Staff will continue rotating through the zones for the duration of the program. Please rake leaves close to the curb and as neatly as possible. Do not bag leaves - leaves in bags will not be picked up!

Please do not rake leaves to the curb after Sunday, Nov. 26, 2023! Final clean-up will be in progress that week. Any leaves not already at the curb must be taken to the Yard Waste Depot for disposal.

Leaf Collection Zones

Use the leaf collection map to find out what zone your property is in or see the descriptions below. If you need help figuring out what zone your property is in, please call 519-539-2382 ext. 3104 or 3102.

  • Zone 1: includes the area of the city north of the Pittock and South of Oxford Road 17, East of 11th Line to where Vansittart meets Devonshire.
  • Zone 2: North of Devonshire to the Pittock and from Vansittart to Industrial
  • Zone 3: North of Devonshire to the Pittock and from east of Industrial to Oxford Road 4
  • Zone 4: South of Devonshire to north of Dundas and west of Wellington
  • Zone 5: South of Devonshire to north of Dundas and east of Wellington to west of Clarke
  • Zone 6: South of Devonshire to north of Dundas and east of Clarke to Oxford Road 4
  • Zone 7: South of Dundas to Bower Hill / Parkinson and west of Norwich
  • Zone 8: South of Dundas to north of Pattullo and east of Norwich to County Road 4 / Middletown Line
  • Zone 9: South of Parkinson to north of the 401 and east of Mill to west of Norwich

We ask for your patience if you choose to use the curbside loose leaf collection program as it is weather dependent. The weather must be cold enough for all the leaves to fall during our eight week program, but warm enough that it does not snow or freeze the piles which can impact our efforts.

If it snows during the curbside loose leaf collection program, our main priority is winter control operations. We do not have enough staff or equipment to operate both programs. 

Curbside Collection Do's and Don'ts

Please keep the following in mind when using the curbside loose leaf collection program:

  • Rake and pile loose leaves as close and neatly as possible to the curb.
  • Keep leaves loose! Leaves in bags will not be picked up.
  • Keep leaves off bike lanes.
  • Keep catch basins and storm drains clear to prevent flooding
  • Keep children out of leave piles to ensure their safety.
  • Don't rake leaves to the boulevard. Our equipment is designed to collect leaves from the curb, not the boulevard/grass.
  • Don't create piles larger than 1m (3ft) in width from the edge of the curb
  • Don't place brush out for collection. Our equipment is designed to handle leaves and only leaves.
  • Don't place yard waste, such as grass clippings, in with your leaves. This type of yard waste is denser than leaves and can damage equipment resulting in program delays.
  • Don't place dirt, stones or rocks out for collection. These materials pose safety risks for our staff and can cause equipment failure.
  • Don't park on top of leaf piles – we cannot collect leaf piles under cars!

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