Building and Planning

Before you begin any construction, alteration or renovation projects to an existing or new building or you would like to use the property for a different purpose other than what it was originally intended for, it is your responsibility to get the necessary permits.

Your approved building permit is proof that your project plans have been reviewed and approved by the municipality for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the local zoning bylaw and any other applicable laws and regulations.


The Building Department can help you with the following:

 Monthly Building Permit Reports
 Developmental Charges
  • Fees - These are fees collected from developers to help pay for various infrastructure required to provide municipal services to new developments.
 Minor Variances
  • Minor variances - This process is a method to seek relief through a Committee of Adjustments when circumstances do not allow you to meet the zoning bylaws that govern the types of permitted uses on a property.
 Zoning Bylaws
  • Zoning bylaws and related information - The Zoning Bylaw controls the use of land by dividing the municipality into different land use zones specifying the use permitted in each zone (i.e., Where buildings and other structures can be located, types of buildings permitted and how they may be used as well as lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks).
 Zoning Charges
 Site Plan Agreements
  • Site plan agreements and control - A site plan control agreement is required whenever land is developed.  Site plans are reviewed by the City Planner located at the Oxford County Administrative Building at 21 Reeve Street. 519-539-9800.
 Building Deposit
  • Building Deposit - Notice re 2011, 2012 and 2013 Building Deposits for the City of Woodstock By-Law 7115-94

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