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Although Oxford County manages the waste management program for the whole County, the City of Woodstock operates a variety of waste collection services for Woodstock residents including:

Curbside Garbage Collection

The City of Woodstock offers weekly curbside garbage collection to homes throughout the city. The city is divided into different zones that determine your collection day.

Curbside Recycling Collection

The City also offers bi-weekly curbside recycling collection to Woodstock homes.


For your convenience, the City of Woodstock also operates the EnviroDepot, located at 944 James St. Woodstock residents can use the EnviroDepot to drop off large items, household hazardous waste and recyclable materials that aren’t collected through curbside recycling.

Yard Waste Depot

To help residents with outdoor yard clean up, the City also operates a Yard Waste Depot at 944 James St. Yard waste, brush and woodchips are collected into three piles within the depot which are then used for compost or turned into woodchips.

Special Collection Weeks

We also offer special curbside collection weeks for:

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