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Bids and Tenders


We use the Bids and Tenders online platform for all procurement requests, unless otherwise specified. To see a current list of Woodstock's procurement opportunities, visit the Bids and Tenders webpage. Bidders can submit bids on proposals by signing up as a vendor

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Properties for Sale by Tender

From time to time, the City of Woodstock may sell properties through a public tender process. Link to our Properties for Sale by Tender page to view available properties and bid forms.

City of Woodstock Procurement Policy

The City of Woodstock's procurement by-law provides guidelines to ensure that all purchases of materials, supplies and services:

  • provide the lowest costs consistent with the required quality and service
  • follow an open and honest process
  • promote and maintain the integrity of the purchasing process 
  • provide clear direction and accountability to protect Council, vendors and staff involved in the process  

Chapter 376 of our Municipal Code covers the procurement of goods and services. 

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