Digital Parking Permits

The city has a new software system where you can purchase a digital permit to park in our permit-designated municipal parking lots.

The City of Woodstock provides convenient and accessible parking for those doing business or visiting our city. There are 10 municipal parking lots with 552 parking space, 351 on-street parking, as well as, 19 accessible spaces around our downtown core. Most of our on-street parking is limited to five hours unless otherwise posted. Our downtown core has a limit of two-hour parking unless otherwise posted and during the month of December only is extended to three hour parking. Residents and visitors are required to adhere to all by-laws and posted signs.

Learn more about our parking permits in our Municipal Parking Lots in downtown Woodstock, our Overnight Parking regulations and Temporary Parking for visiting family and friends, during your driveway construction project, road reconstruction projects.

Parking Regulations Overview

  • Downtown on-street parking and some municipal lots is limited to two-hours free parking 
  • Vehicles cannot be parked for more than five consecutive hours on any city street unless otherwise posted
  • Obstructing or blocking a sidewalk is not permitted
  • Parking in designated parking routes is not permitted
  • No parking within 3 meters of a fire hydrant
  • No person shall park on a Boulevard in front of public or private driveway
  • No person may park in an accessible parking space without displaying a Ministry of Transportation accessible permit
  • Vehicles are not permitted to park on city streets during the winter season between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. unless an Overnight Parking Permit is granted
  • No parking within 10 meters of an intersection
  • No vehicle shall park unless the vehicle is parallel to the curb and the right wheels are not more than 15 cm from the curb

Quick Links to Parking Bylaws

Traffic Bylaw #8021-04

Parking - Driving on Boulevards - Chapter 0500

Parking - Private - Public Property - Chapter 0506

Parking - Accessible - Chapter 0499

Paying a Parking Ticket

If you get a Parking Ticket, there are several ways you can pay it.

Report a Problem

If you would like to report a parking bylaw violation, contact us. Please note that we do not take anonymous calls. You must leave your name, address and phone number when calling in order to have your complaint reviewed.

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