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Facility Rentals

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The City of Woodstock has a number of community spaces and facilities that are available to rent. We are ready to help you make a booking for your special event.

Community Facilities

Market Centre Theatre can be rented for large meetings, receptions, parties and more. Reeves Community Complex, Cowan Park Sportsplex, and the Southside Aquatic Centre also have smaller meeting rooms that are available to rent.

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Large Meeting Areas: Goff Hall and the Market Centre Theatre

Upper left corner is an image of Goff hall set up for a wedding with the head table on stage and in front of windows, top right is an image of Market Centre Theatre taken from the stage looking at the seating area. The bottom left image is again the Market Centre theatre but from the other direction, and bottom right is another wedding photo but it is of the round tables set up under windows.

You can learn more about our other community centres here.

Outdoor Rentals

You can reserve one of our park amenities, like a pavilion, gazebo, or picnic area for your private events, including weddings and picnics.

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Wedding Request

Top Left image is of the gazebo set up for a wedding, top right is an image of a family picnic at the pavilion, bottom left is an image of children playing with a parachute, and bottom right is also an image of the gazebo set up for a wedding.

You can learn more about our parks and trails here.

Recreation and Sports Facilities

Our arenasbaseball diamondssoccer fields, and swimming pools are some of the most frequently rented recreation facilities.

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Top left picture is two people playing hockey, top right is an image of children playing soccer, bottom left is a baseball diamond, and bottom right is an image of children playing in a pool around a large floating pool toy.

You can learn more about all of the recreation facilities that are available to you.

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