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Asset Management

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The City owns and maintains over $679 million in assets that are used to deliver a variety of services to the community. We use Asset Management principles to make data-driven, fiscally responsible and proactive decisions about our asset portfolio. We use analysis and data to help determine levels of service (LOS), manage risk and implement asset management strategies.

Core Assets

Core assets include things like:

Non-Core Assets

Non-core assets include things like:

  • Administrative / Corporate Facilities
  • Recreational and Cultural Facilities
  • Bus shelters

Strategic Asset Management Policy

The City's asset management policy provides a framework for implementing asset management to enable a consistent and strategic approach at all levels of the organization and provide guidance to staff responsible for asset management. 

Asset Management Plan

Ontario regulation 588/17, Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure requires all municipalities to develop an asset management plan for both core and non-core assets. An asset management plan (AMP) is a strategic document that guides a municipality’s management of infrastructure assets and other assets to deliver corporate objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

It details specific activities to be undertaken, resources required, responsibilities, timescales, and risks involved for the achievement of corporate objectives. The plan provides a clear line of sight for on-the-ground activities being undertaken back to the strategic plan of the City.

Read the current City of Woodstock Asset Management Plan

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