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Public Skating

Public Skating

The Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Public Skating is still in development. Please check back here for updates on the schedule and the dates that they are offered.

 Public Skating Rules
  1.  All participants must be wearing skates while on the ice surface.
  2. C.S.A. helmets are strongly recommended for all participants.
  3. No food or drink on the ice surface.
  4. No throwing snow or ice.
  5. No horseplay/games or tag.
  6. No skating backwards or erratic/excessive speed skating.
  7. No figure skating maneuvers.
  8. No balls/pucks/chairs/pylons/strollers/sticks or any other items which might interfere with the safety of any skater while on the ice surface. (NO SKATING AIDS DURING PUBLIC SKATE).
  9. No headsets, cell phones or hand-held electronic devices are to be used while skating.
  10. No carrying of children is to be permitted.
  11. Skate with the direction of all skaters.
  12. Listen and adhere to the SKATE CRUISER at all times.

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