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Accountability and Transparency

We know that it's our responsibility to provide an effective government for everyone in Woodstock. This means doing everything we can to be accountable and transparent by encouraging public access and participation in the matters that affect our city.

We will:

  • Be responsive to the needs of our constituents and receptive to their opinions
  • Deliver high quality services to our citizens
  • Promote the efficient use of public resources

Our commitment

Accountability, transparency and openness are achieved by adopting measures that ensure that all activities and services are undertaken using a process that is open and accessible to our stakeholders.

Read the complete accountability and transparency policy.

Delegation of powers policy

Delegation of power policies are provided to increase efficiency and effectiveness of certain public services. To better serve you, city council has passed the delegation of powers and duties policy.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct ensures that city council conducts business in an appropriate manner.

Closed Meeting Complaints

The City of Woodstock holds the vast majority of its meeting in open session and members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend. In some cases the meetings are closed to the public as the matter falls under one of the discretionary exceptions in Section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001. If you have a complaint about a meeting being closed to the public, you can submit your complaint to the Ontario Ombudsman for investigation.

Complaint reports

We're committed to sharing the outcome of investigations into complaints about accountability and transparency matters,

Information and Privacy (IPC) Orders

On June 24, 2014, a Freedom of Information Request was received asking the City of Woodstock to produce certain information under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information involved documents related to the sale of Woodstock Hydro to Hydro One. The timing of the request for this information was before the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) had approved the sale, which was obtained on September 11, 2015.

An Adjudicator has ruled that the information requested can now be publicly produced since the OEB has now approved the sale of Woodstock Hydro. 

During the OEB hearing to consider the Woodstock Hydro sale, the Board considered a similar request to produce the information. After reviewing the information the OEB decided that the information sought was either not relevant to the Board's process or was information already before the Board as a result of its other requirements.

Accordingly, the City provides the Adjudicator's decision and the information which the City is now permitted to produce.

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