Fall Loose Leaf Collection


Curbside Schedule begins the week of October 17 and runs through November 25, 2022.

The City of Woodstock offers a high level of service when it comes to fall leaf collection. Unfortunately, this amazing program is weather dependent! That is, the weather must be cold enough for all the leaves to fall during our eight week program, but warm enough that it does not snow or freeze the piles and hinder our efforts. Please be patient, we cannot control Mother Nature!

If you are concerned that your tree has not dropped all their leaves at once, worried about leaves blowing back onto your property or your neighbour's property, or because of weather conditions we may not be able to complete your area instead of raking your leaves to the curb please bring them to our Yard Waste Depot! Our depot is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for your convenience, and it is FREE! 

Please do not rake leaves to the curb after Sunday, November 20, 2022! Final clean-up is in progress.
After Sunday, November 20, 2022, all leaves must be taken to the Yard Waste Depot.


  • Rake and pile loose leaves as close and neatly as possible to the curb.
  • Keep leaves loose! Leaves in bags will not be picked up.
  • Avoid parking on top of leaf piles – we cannot collect leaf piles under cars!
  • Be  mindful of bike lanes
  • Avoid piling leaves over top catch basins and storm drains.
    Why? Leaves piled over top our storm drains can lead to flooding during storm events.  Your assistance in keeping catch basins clear of debris is most gratefully appreciated!
  • Keep children out of leave piles to ensure their safety.


  • Rake leaves to the boulevard
    Why? It will not be collected. Our equipment is designed to collect leaves from the curb, not the boulevard/grass

  • Create piles larger than 1m (3ft) in width from the edge of the curb
  • Place brush out for collection
    Why? Our equipment is designed to handle leaves, and only leaves.

  • Place yard waste, such as grass clippings
    Why? This type of yard waste is denser than leaves and can damage equipment resulting in program delays.

  • Place dirt, stones or rocks out for collection
    Why? These materials pose safety risks for our staff and can cause equipment failure

Program Details

There is no longer a schedule of when leaves will be picked up in a particular area of the city. Staff will be working hard to collect leaves throughout the city until the last scheduled week of collection. During this time of year however, there are many factors out of our control such as: cold and freezing temperatures, equipment repairs, snow events, mother nature - trees do not always drop all their leaves at once. Knowing this, we cannot guarantee that we will make it back to your area more than once during the collection schedule.

Should we get an early snow event, we do not have enough staff and equipment to operate both programs at the same time and winter control operations becomes our main priority. If the weather warms up before the end of our scheduled collection, we will resume leaf pickup at a reduced capacity as some of our equipment will have been changed over to winter control attachments. 

Other Options for Disposing Leaves!!

  • Mulch them with your lawn mower! This is a great way to feed your lawn and get a great start to a healthier lawn.
  • Place them in your backyard composter! Once your leaves break down, you will have compost to add to your gardens or lawns. Be sure to not compact the leaves and stir the pile occasionally to bring in air. This will help with the decomposition process.
  • Bring your leaves to our Yard Waste Depot! By doing this, you are guaranteed that the leaves will not blow back onto your property or your neighbour's property before we can get there. It also keeps our roadside clear of leaves for parked vehicles and snow removal. 

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