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The City offers curbside large item (also referred to as bulk item) collection in the spring of each year. Check out the Wasteline app or our City Services Calendar for which week we are in your area!

Collection dates for 2023 are:

Large Item Collection
If your regular garbage collection day is:Your large item pick up week is:
Monday April 17-21
Tuesday April 24-28
Wednesday May 1-5
Thursday May 8-12
Friday May 15-19

To ensure your items are picked up please make sure:

  • A maximum of five (5) items are set out for collection. If you have more than five items, you will need to bring them to the EnviroDepot. Check out the EnviroDepot webpage for hours of operations.
  • Items are placed at the curb before 7 a.m. Monday of your collection week.  

What is a Large Item

Large items are any non-recyclable item larger than a garbage bag. During our large item collection, anything collected by our trucks goes straight to the landfill. Smaller items that can fit into a garbage bag are considered household garbage and must be tagged and put out for your regular household garbage collection. 

To be sure your items are collected, please read carefully and see the acceptable items list below.

Missed your Large Item Collection worries!  You may bring your items to the Enviro Depot. Check out the EnviroDepotwebpage for Hours of Operation and Acceptable Items. (see below as well for a short list of acceptable items)

Not sure where an item should go...follow the Wasteline App to find out where an item should be placed.

 Acceptable Materials

 The following items are eligible for pick up as part of the large item collection:

  • Couches, chairs
  • Furniture
  • Child car seats
  • Rolled large carpets (6ft long, rolled and tied)
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Armoires, chests
  • Headboards
  • Water softeners (No salt or water)
  • Pool filters (No sand)
  • Pool covers
  • BBQs – No propane tanks
  • Floor lamps 
 Materials NOT Accepted
The following items will not be picked up as part of the large item collection. Please place them in tagged bags and place them out on your regular garbage collection day, drop off at the EnviroDepot or bring them to the Oxford County Waste Management Facility (Landfill), located at 384060 Salford Rd., Salford, ON N0J 1W0. 
  • Any item small enough to fit into a garbage bag or bin
  • Flower pots
  • Small rugs/mats
  • Clothing, sheets, pillows, patio cushions
  • Small kids toys or bins of toys
  • Sports equipment – basket balls, soccer balls, hockey gear
  • Construction materials, wood, cabinets
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Landscape edging, garden hoses
  • Car parts, car mats
  • Small art work 
  • Small appliances, such as microwaves
  • Glass, mirrors or windows
  • Electronics
  • Porcelain or ceramics (e.g. toilets)
  • Tires
  • White goods – stoves, fridges, dishwashers, dryers, etc.

Small items, as well as items that can be broken down, must be placed in a garbage bag, tagged and placed out on your regular garbage collection day. Bags of garbage and other small items may be brought to the Oxford County Waste Management Facility in Salford, ON. These items are not accepted at the City of Woodstock EnviroDepot.


Why were my bulk items not picked up?

There are a few reasons why this happened:

You placed the wrong items at the curb.

Please remember this is not a spring clean up, therefore, we do not pick up all items. 

Small items are considered household garbage and must be placed in a garbage bag, tagged and placed out on your next garbage collection day. If you are not sure what goes where, please check out the wasteline app or call the Engineering/Public Works department first before taking the trouble to place your items at the curb.

  • Some examples of small items:
    • Garden hoses & garden edging - these items can be rolled up and placed in a garbage bag, tagged and placed out on your collection day.

    • Small appliances such as microwaves, kettles, toasters, toaster ovens, vacuum cleaners including upright vacuum cleaners - these items can be taken to a scrap metal company or to the EnviroDepot

    • Plastic flower pots - this can be placed in your recycling bin if they are clean of dirt, however, the small plastic plant cells must be placed in your garbage bag.

    • Ceramic, clay, or stone flower pots or bird baths – These items can be brought to the EnviroDepot to be given a second life. If you choose to place ceramics in your garbage, remember that bags cannot weigh more than 44lbs.  Sharp pieces must be disposed of in a container and marked clearly of broken pieces and tagged and placed out for garbage pickup.

    • Small rugs or carpet remnants, curtain rods - these can be rolled up or broken down and placed in a garbage bag.

    • Wood, cabinets, home renos, construction material - these items must be disposed of at either the Enviro Depot or at the Oxford County Landfill in Salford.

You placed too many large items out. 
We only take up to five large items on each of your large item collection week. See our City Services Calendar for when we are in your area or call the Engineering/Public Works department at 519-539-2382 ext. 3104 or 3102. 
You placed your items out too late or on the wrong week.

Please remember that you must have your large items placed out at the curb by 7 a.m. of the Monday of your collection week even if your garbage day is on Tuesday, or Friday. Once our trucks have been through your street, we will not be back to pick up items set out late. Depending on the amount of items set out in your collection area, it may take us until Friday to complete that the route. Please be patient with us.

Remember, we only pick up bulk items at the curb once a year in the spring. Check our City Services Calendar to see when we are in your area.

What do I do if my items were not picked up?

You placed your items on the wrong week.

If we haven't been by your area yet, view our City Services Calendar for when we are in your area, or call the Engineering/Public Works department at 519-5396-2382 ext. 3104 or 3102.

If you place your items out too early, you will need to remove those items from the curb and place them out on your collection week as per our Property Maintenance Bylaw Chapter 0731 Garbage-Recyclables Collection. Items cannot be placed out until the weekend of your collection week. If you do not remove your items, you will be asked to remove them by our Bylaw Enforcement Officer and if you are not compliant, the City will remove these items at the owners cost. 

If we have been by your area already, you may bring items to the EnviroDepot year round. Follow the link to the Enviro Depot to find out hours of operation. 

You placed the wrong items out.
If you put out small items or small appliances or any other items listed above that are not acceptable, you will need to dispose of them in the proper format. Some items will need to be placed in a garbage bag and tagged for regular household garbage collection, and other items may be placed in your recycling bin, or disposed of at either our Enviro Depot, or at the Oxford County Landfill in Salford. View the Wasteline app link to see how to properly dispose your items. 
You placed too many large items out. 
We will only pick up five (5) large items during your bulk item collection week. Anything set out over that limit will need to be be brought to the Enviro Depot. Please do not leave extra items out at the curb as per the  Property Maintenance Bylaw Chapter 0731 Garbage-Recyclables Collection.
We missed your place. 

We are only human!

If you have placed out the correct items and on the correct collection week before Monday 7 a.m., and we somehow missed your house, please call us at 519-539-2382 ext. 3104 or 3102 and we will make arrangements to pick them up.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS and we can identify what day and time our trucks were in your area and if we have missed your place.

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