What is Cowapolooza



The City of Woodstock over the years has hosted and orchestrated many wonderful events and festivals that have been themed after our claim to be the Dairy Capital of Canada. A couple that come to mind would be the Dairy Capital Days held at Museum Square in the 60's featuring ocal dignitaries competing in a friendly milking contest dressed in dairy whites and complemented by milk streaming from the historic Patullo Fountain to the more recent Canada's Ice Cream Festival of 1998 and 1999 as hosted by the now defunct Oxford County Tourism Association.

Cowapolooza was introduced to Woodstock and area in the summer of 2002. The City created a festival that would both promote and preserve Woodstock's heritage as the "Dairy Capital" as well as to draw attention to our fast growing and progressive community. At that point the Community Services Department took a new direction in marketing the Friendly City by capitalizing on its natural acronym C.O.W. - City Of Woodstock and the fact that we're the dairy capital ... it was almost too easy..."apolooza" is a commonly used reference to indicate or suggest a festival .... thus C.O.W.apolooza was born.

Over the better part of 9 years, many local organizations, companies and businesses have followed suit by utilizing the home grown holstein to promote their event, cause or brand. The Downtown B.I.A. has J-Bo, the fashionably dressed heifer that encourages downtown shopping, the Woodstock Hospital Foundation has their own version of the bouncing bovine to promote their Dairy Capital Run fund raiser and if you see a Lely Canada Holstein statue at an event ... you know something BIG is going on!

We may not have as many dairy farms as we used to, or even as many commercial dairy's, but we do know and appreciate what they've meant to the very fabric of our local culture over the years and it's our intention to continue to educate and expose that history to new generations ... while at the same time having fun!

Thank you ... Springbank Snow Countess!