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 Are coffee cups recyclable?
No, they are a household garbage. The material they are made out of makes them non-recyclable. This includes with fountain drink cups from fast food places.
Where do I buy recycling bins?
You can purchase recycling bins from our Engineering Office located at 944 James Street, Woodstock.
 I just moved here, what do I do for waste?
Garbage must have bag tags in order to be collected. These can be purchased at several locations within Oxford County. Garbage collection is weekly while recycling collection is bi-weekly and must be separated into fibres and containers. To find out when your collection days is, see the City Services Calendar or the Wasteline App.
Is Styrofoam recyclable?
Styrofoam cannot go into your regular curb side recycling. If you would like to recycle Styrofoam, bring it to the EnviroDepot. This is an independent recycling program, therefore it is only accepted at the EnviroDepot and not in your regular recycling.
Why did my Garbage get tagged?
 There are many reasons your garbage may have been tagged
  • Your bag was overweight. If your bag is over 20kg (44lbs) it will not be collected. You must divide your bag up into smaller, lighter bags.
  • Your container or garbage bag was damaged and unacceptable for collection.
  • Your garbage did not have a bag tag on it.
  • You did not use your bag tag properly, either your bag tag was ripped, both ends were not visible, or you did not use enough bag tags. Remember bigger bags need more tags, and still must be under 20kg (44lbs).
  • You applied your bag tag to the reusable container. It must be placed on your garbage bag.
  • You put out material that is not accepted in our waste program.
Why did my cardboard get tagged?
Cardboard must not be larger than 75 x 75 x 20 cm (30” x 30” x 8”). If cardboard is any bigger and it can’t fit in our trucks, therefore it is tagged and left behind. Please break down your cardboard.
What do I do with broken glass or ceramics?
Please do not put it loose in your garbage bag! This can cut and injure our operators. Instead place it in a cardboard box, or puncture proof plastic container and label it “caution broken glass” and set it out for collection. You may also place the cardboard box in your garbage bag.
What do I do with empty paint cans?
Empty paint cans can be placed in your regular curbside recycling. Just make sure that the lids are off the cans so our operators know that they are empty. If you have partially full paint cans please bring them to our EnviroDepot.
My garbage/recycling got missed. Now what?

We are human! If we miss your property for garbage collection, please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department by calling 519-539-2382 ext. 3104 or 3102. 

If your garbage/recycling was set out incorrectly and tagged, you will have to set it out properly the next collection week.
My bulk items didn’t get collected during Bulk Item week, why?

There are many reasons why your bulk items may have not gotten picked up.

  • You placed the wrong items at the curb. Only large items are accepted at the curb. See the Bulk Item webpage for a list of acceptable materials.
  • You placed too many items out. There is a 5 item maximum.
  • You placed your items out too late, or on the wrong week. We only go through your neighbourhood once and will not back track to pick up items set out late.
 What do I do with Food Waste?

Unfortunately, the City of Woodstock does not have a composting program that is offered to our residents. To help reduce how much food waste goes to landfill, consider buying a green cone digester, or back yard composter from our Engineering Office, located at 944 James St, Woodstock, ON.

 I missed my garbage day and don’t want to wait until next week. Where can I take my garbage?
You can take excess waste to the Oxford County Waste Management Facility located at 384060 Salford Rd, Salford, ON N0J 1W0. The City of Woodstock EnviroDepot does not accept any household garbage.

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