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Woodstock Transit has created an all-in-one handy Transit Travel Tips brochure to help our ridership with helpful advice from passenger safety & comfort to boarding the bus to lost and found, and much more.  


What is a OneCARD?
The OneCARD is an RFID enabled card that you can add transit passes on through a dedicated payment website and the transit system in Woodstock. All forms of passes are available for purchase on this website. The OneCARD can also be used to access your account at the Southside Aquatics Centre through the barcode. Please see Aquatics staff to sync your account to your new OneCARD.
Where may I purchase a OneCARD?
OneCARD passes are available at various retailers. Please refer to the City's website to view current authorized Woodstock Transit agents, as retail agents may change from time to time.
How do I register my OneCARD?
Follow the link to our Woodstock Transit Homepage at and click on the link for the OneCARD portal.  The OneCard ID is located on the  back of the card and you must use capital letters. The Barcode is on the front of your card.
Why should I register my OneCARD?
If your card is reported lost/stolen through your account, it will automatically deactivate any passes remaining on the card. For a $5.00 fee, the balance will be transferred to your new card.  It is also a convenient way for you to reload your passes online.
What if I do not have access to a computer or do not want to use a credit card online to re-load my card?
The website is a secure payment website. We understand that some people may not wish to re-load the card online. You may also go to the City Engineers Office, City Hall, Southside Aquatics Centre or Woodstock Public Library to have a customer service representative assist you in re-loading passes or rides.
How many passes may I purchase in advance? 
The OneCARD can have up to three fare options and you can purchase monthly passes and rides in advance.
How will I know when my OneCARD balance is low or expiring?
When you register and sign up, you can manage your balance online or you can ask the driver for a print out that shows when your pass will expire. 
I have lost my OneCARD.  What can I do?

If your card is registered, you may report the card lost/stolen through your account. 

There is a $5.00 fee to purchase the replacement card.  This will be charged to your payment card through your account.

The City of Woodstock is not responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen cards, or if they have been tampered or altered in any way. If you have not registered your card, you will be required to purchase a new OneCARD.

What if I forget my password?
You can reset your password on your account through the Woodstock Transit website.
How do I update my account information?
Information can be updated at any time that you are in your online account. 
What browser is needed? 
The latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.  However, Google Chrome is recommended. 
Is there a fee for registering my OneCARD or re-loading online? 
No. There is no fee to register or re-load on the website.  The website is a convenient way for customers to be able to re-load passes in advance to always have your fare ready when you need it. There is a fifty cent service fee that is applied, but is refunded once the payment is processed.
When do I start using my OneCARD? 

Remember that with the OneCARD, your monthly pass begins on the first day that you use it and will expire one month later. For example, if you use your card for the first time on September 18th, your monthly pass is valid until the end of service on October 17th. 

How long does it take for the OneCARD to be updated once I re-load my card?

It takes 24 hours for the system to update. Therefore, please make sure you purchase your passes in advance to ensure they are active when you use it.

The system will use the current fare until its exhausted, i.e.: a monthly pass will not start until the old monthly pass has expired, allowing you to preload more than one month at a time. 

How do I use my OneCARD on the bus?

When you board the bus, simply tap the pass and hold it on the card validator until you see a green light.  You will hear a beep if the fare has been accepted.

If your pass is not valid, you will be required to pay the $2.50 cash fare if you wish to ride the bus. 

How do I pay for a companion and get a transfer? 
Let the driver know that you wish to pay for a companion, and the driver will assist.
What is an Inclement Weather Alert?
Summary:  Schedule adherence is difficult to maintain under normal weather and traffic conditions, let alone when inclement weather strikes. The mindset is to create a policy that when necessary allows Woodstock Transit operators the ability to navigate their routes safely and respects customer service.


Purpose:  To maintain safe, reliable fixed route transit service for the customers of Woodstock Transit and to keep our employees safe during periods of inclement weather, which can produce hazardous road conditions. Slowing the service down will improve safety for all and provide all needed connections within the Woodstock Transit multi-route network, resulting in customer satisfaction and lower risk of accidents.


Scope:  When these conditions are present, the Transit Supervisor or designate will make a decision directing all buses to begin operating their trips on a 45 minute schedule instead of 30 minutes, in essence the modified schedules will always begin at 15 or 45 past the hour. The Transit Supervisor or designate will ensure that all operators are advised and instructed to slow down, take extra precaution and use the extra time to complete their trips. The Transit Supervisor or designate will be responsible to ensure best efforts are made to cascade this Inclement Weather Alert to the city website/twitter or any other means that reaches our customers.


Procedures:  Upon direction from the Transit Supervisor or designate, this modified schedule will always end on the hour or half hour unless inclement conditions persist until the end of service. Next day will always return to normal schedules. He/she will also be responsible to lift the Weather Alert from the website/twitter when the decision to return to regular schedules is made.



If you believe you have left an item on one of our buses, please contact the Transit Department at 519-539-2382 ext. 3131 or 3130, and best efforts will be made to recover your items.  Please give the drivers any items you feel have been left behind by other riders.

If you have lost your REGISTERED OneCARD, follow the link provided. 

The City of Woodstock does not give refunds for any lost, stolen or confiscated transit passes. Be sure to register your card online. By registering your card, your card information can be transferred to a new card for $5.00. If your card is not registered, your information/rides are lost and you will be responsible for replacing these at your cost.


T:GO Transit is a community transportation service providing an alternative, low cost means of transportation within Tillsonburg and surrounding areas.  The provision of Transit Services is provided on a contractual basis, in partnership with the Town of Tillsonburg. 

T:GO offers 1 fully accessible, service animal friendly, air conditioned & heated, 9 passenger seated bus with a capacity of 12.  For more information on this service follow the link to the Town of Tillsonburg's website.

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