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Temporary Overnight Parking

If you don't have access to your driveway due to driveway repairs, city or utility construction or you require overnight parking for guests, you may apply for a temporary overnight parking pass. Passes can either be picked up at our Engineering / Public Works building at 944 James St. or by using the link below. Our Bylaw Enforcement Officers will review the application and you will be notified by phone if your permit has been approved. Temporary permits will not be issued for more than 14 days per property, per season.

The permit fee is $5 (including tax) per week. This fee will be waived if the owner can't access their driveway because of city or public utility work. We accept cash, cheque or debit. Permits are to be paid for and picked up at 944 James St.

Apply for a Temporary Overnight Permit

Temporary Parking for Construction

Any buildings under construction or renovation in the downtown area where parking is required for construction vehicles or refuse bins on a city property require a temporary parking permit.

Overview of temporary construction regulations

  • The maximum time limit for parking in our downtown core is waived. This allows a contractor's vehicle or refuse bin to be parked or located beyond the 2-hour time restriction.
  • The permit must be displayed in the vehicle's windshield. Refuse bins do not require a permit to be displayed, however, the contractor must have the permit on hand.
  • The number of allotted permits is limited to the minimum amount of required vehicles and refuse bins, and shall be at the discretion of the city engineer.
  • The permit will be valid for the minimum required time necessary to complete the construction and be at the discretion of the city engineer.
  • Permit Fees: $20 (including tax) per parking space. Contractors are responsible for providing their own barricades to reserve the necessary space(s). We accept cash, cheque or debit.
  • The permit is not valid for use between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Temporary construction permits may be cancelled at the discretion of the city engineer should the privilege be abused.
  • Failure to comply with the conditions will result in the issuance of a parking infraction notice.

Paying a Parking Ticket

The set fine for violating the overnight parking rule is $25. If you get a parking ticket, there are several ways you can pay it.

Report a Problem 

If you would like to report a parking bylaw violation, contact us.

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