Tax Rates and Fees

2022 Tax Rates

Council has passed the 2022 tax rates for the City of Woodstock. These rates can be viewed in the table below. A PDF is also available if you wish to download and retain a copy.

View the 2022 Tax Rates

Your property taxes help fund the services we deliver, including road maintenance and repair, snow removal and other city services. Your taxes also pay for services delivered by the County of Oxford and Education.

Taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of your property and the tax rate set for your property class.

Historical Tax Rates

2021 Final Tax Rates
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2020 Final Tax Rates
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2019 Final Tax Rates
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2018 Final Tax Rates
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 2017 Final Tax Rates
 View Document
2016 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document
2015 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document
2014 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document
2013 Final Tax Rates
 View Document
2012 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document
2011 Final Tax Rates 
View Document 
2010 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document
2009 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document
2008 Final Tax Rates 
 View Document

Property Tax User Fees

The charge for a tax certificate is $55.

If you require historical information on your property, we charge $15 for each 15 minutes of research. Please visit City Hall to make arrangements for such information and to provide payment.


Tax Bill Reprints - $ 10.00 per reprint

Tax Statements/Letters - $ 10.00 per statement/letter

Tax Roll Redistribution Fee - $ 15.00

Tax Refund Administration Fee - $ 25.00

Please contact the Tax Department at to initiate a document request.


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