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Styrofoam and Recycling are now accepted at the Enviro Depot. The old recycling depot location on the dead end of Clarke St S has been closed.


Styrofoam is accepted as an independent recycling program and must be separated from your containers and fibres. It is not accepted in curbside recycling.

 Acceptable Styrofoam Materials 
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Packaging
  • Packaging for Computers, Electronics, Appliances, Toys, etc.
  • Rigid in Nature
  • Remove Tape and Stickers
  • Must be white
  • Must be clean and dry (no paint, dirt, etc) 
 Unacceptable Styrofoam Materials 
  • Styrofoam Wrap
  • Cups and Bowls
  • Take out containers
  • Meat Trays
  • Insulation Panels
  • Pool Noodles
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Polyethylene Foam (flexible in nature, and usually has a bubble appearance)
  • Polypropylene Foam (flexible in nature)
  • Dirty or soiled styrofoam


Excess recycling can now be dropped off within the Enviro Depot. Only materials accepted at your curbside recycling are accepted at this site. If it is not recyclable at the curb it is not recyclable here!

Recycling must be separated into containers and fibres

Oversized Cardboard:

  • You must break down your cardboard!
  • Excess cardboard may be brought to this location but you still have to break it down to fit in our bins. You are responsible for breaking down your cardboard.
  • DO NOT leave boxes beside our bins
  • Breaking down your cardboard allows more room for others to drop off excess fibres, your consideration is appreciated.

Please remember that plastic wrap (such as mattress covers, drop sheets, saran wrap, or vinyl) is not recyclable and is a household garbage. This must be brought home, bagged and tagged. It is not accepted at the EnviroDepot. 


For a full list of recyclable items, visit our recycling page.

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