Street Lighting

Street Lights

Street lights increase visibility for drivers and help keep our streets safe. They are the responsibility of the city but Montgomery Industrial Service Limited maintains them on our behalf.

Report a problem

To report a street light issue such as burnt out lights, flickering lights, lights left on throughout the day and damaged poles please contact Montgomery Industrial Service Limited directly at 519-640-2048. This phone line is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When reporting a streetlight issue, please be very specific of the location, and provide the following information:

  • Location (e.g. address closest to light, same side or across the street),
  • Direction (e.g. s/w corner),
  • Pole number (if possible), and
  • Issue (e.g. light burnt, light flicker, etc.).

Traffic Signals

There are 41 signalized intersections within Woodstock city limits - 13 are owned by the City of Woodstock, 24 are owned by the County and 4 are owned by the Province. To report an issue, please contact the appropriate organization from the list below.

City Owned Traffic Signals

To report issues with City of Woodstock traffic signals, please contact the Engineering Department at 519-539-2382 ext. 3104 or 3102.

 City Owned Traffic Signal Locations
  • Dundas Street at Beards Lane
  • Dundas Street at Clarke Street
  • Dundas Street at Light Street
  • Dundas Street at Museum Square (Pedestrian)
  • Dundas Street at Springbank Avenue
  • Dundas Street at Teeple Street
  • Dundas Street at Wellington Street
  • Dundas Street at Woodall Way
  • Dundas Street at Young Street
  • Finkle Street at Simcoe Street
  • Juliana Drive at Finkle Street
  • Springbank Avenue at Nellis Street
  • Vansittart Avenue (Van Ave) at Ingersoll Avenue
  • Wellington Street at Ingersoll Avenue
  • Wellington Street at Peel Street
  • Wellington Street at Princess Street
  • Winniett Street at Hunter Street (Flashing Light)

County Owned Traffic Signals

To report issues with Oxford County traffic signals, please contact Oxford County at 519-539-9800 ext. 0.

 County Owned Traffic Signal Locations 
  • Devonshire Avenue at Huron Street
  • Devonshire Avenue at Lansdowne Avenue
  • Devonshire Avenue at Oxford Road 4
  • Devonshire Avenue at Springbank Avenue
  • Devonshire Avenue at Vansittart Avenue (Van Ave)
  • Devonshire Avenue at Wellington Street
  • Dundas Street at Huron Street
  • Dundas Street at Mill Street
  • Dundas Street at Oxford Road 4
  • Dundas Street at Toyota Plant
  • Huron Street at Hughson Street
  • Huron Street at Peel Street
  • Mill Street at Clarke Road
  • Mill Street at Main Street
  • Norwich Avenue at No Frills
  • Norwich Avenue at Cedar Street
  • Norwich Avenue at Juliana Drive
  • Norwich Avenue at Montclair Drive
  • Norwich Avenue at Parkinson Road
  • Parkinson Road at Beards Lane
  • Parkinson Road at Finkle Street
  • Parkinson Road at Mill Street
  • Parkinson Road at Springbank Avenue
  • Wilson Street at Hounsfield Street

Provincially Owned Traffic Signals

To report issues with any provincially owned traffic signals, please contact the Ministry of Transportation Ontario at 226-973-5326.

  • Dundas Street at 401 Westbound
  • Dundas Street at 401 Eastbound
  • Norwich Avenue at 401 Westbound
  • Norwich Avenue at 401 Eastbound

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