Stormwater Management

Water collecting in catchbasin

Stormwater is runoff (usually coming from rain or melted snow) that flows over hard surfaces such as roads, driveways and rooftops, enters drainage systems, and then goes into creeks, ponds and wetlands. Unlike sewage, stormwater is not chemically treated when it enters waterways.

Catch Basins / Storm Drains

Catch basins, also known as storm sewers are vital in controlling potential flood situations. Water from sidewalks and streets drain into these catch basins. For this reason it is vital to keep them clear of debris. The City monitors and clears these catch basins, especially in areas that have been known to have flooding issues. If you notice a catch basin that needs clearing, please call the Public Works Department. 

Residents also play an important role in helping us to keep catch basins clear of debris!  Grass clippings, leaves and small yard waste clippings that are repeatedly swept into gutters and catch basins can create clogs, causing flooding and becoming a potential breeding ground for rodents and insects. By keeping these materials off the road and disposing of them properly at our yard waste depot, which is open seven days a week at 944 James St., potential flooding can be reduced in your neighbourhood.  

How you can help!

  • In the summer and fall, clear leaves, branches and sticks from the catch basin and bring them to our yard waste depot
  • In the winter and spring, clear snow and ice from the catch basins
  • Clean up any garbage and recycling that is blowing around the area
  • Contact the City if you see damaged grates
  • If you notice that a catch basin is clogged, clear away the debris to avoid flooding. If you can’t do it yourself, or if the catch basin is submerged, contact the Public Works Department
  • Protect our waterways! Please do not dispose of household chemicals and cleaner, or used motor oil into the catch basin

Street sweeping

Street sweeping takes place in spring, summer and fall. The street sweeping program removes winter sanding materials, leaves and debris that have accumulated on roads.

Please do not sweep grass clippings, and other debris onto the road. These materials eventually make their way into catch basins and can potentially keep water from draining properly into them, as well as making their way into our waterways.  Please help us and the environment by taking these items to our yard waste depot.

Stormwater Ponds and Recreation

For your safety, stormwater ponds should never be used for recreational activity. Ponds:

  • are meant for neighbourhood safety, not recreation
  • reduce flooding, control erosion and collect pollutants
  • freeze over during the winter, but the thickness of the ice is unpredictable because water is constantly flowing and may contain road salt and other contaminants

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