Residential Parking

You may be eligible to park on the boulevard if:

  • The property doesn't have a garage.
  • There is less than 2.5 metres between the dwelling and the boulevard, and its side and/or rear lot yards are graded in such a way that the construction of a driveway or parking lot is impractical.
  • The property has an agreement with the city to lease a parking space on the boulevard.

Approval for boulevard parking for residential properties may not be granted if:

  • Front yard parking in a legal existing driveway is available.
  • The use of rear service lanes, where such lanes are accessible and currently in use by more than one property owner, is available.
  • The boulevard parking space encroaches upon any public sidewalk or, in the absence of sidewalks, in that area where a sidewalk may be constructed in the future, as determined by the Engineering Department.
  • Alteration to or relocation of structures to accommodate parking on the owner's property.
  • Use of the rear property subject to the conditions of the zoning bylaw.
  • Charges will involve the payment of an administrative fee as well as rental fees and any applicable reality or business taxes.

Exemptions may be granted if no other practical alternative can be found.

You cannot begin parking on the boulevard until you have received official approval.

Transferring a Boulevard Parking Exemption

Boulevard parking exemptions can be transferred to subsequent property owners provided that the original property owner lets the city know and the City engineer approves the transfer.

Removing a City Boulevard 

If you are altering or relocating structures to accommodate parking on your property, the city boulevard may be removed if:

  • The removal of the curb is done by the City, at the owner's expense, after a curb cut permit has been obtained from the engineering department.
  • Paving, removal of trees and relocation of utilities, or any other construction work required is arranged by the owner, at the owner's expense, with prior approval from the engineering department.

If a curb is removed without approval, the City engineer may close the illegal accesses with proper curbing and restore the appearance of the area, at the property owner's expense.


If you get a parking ticket, there are several ways you can pay it.


If you would like to report a parking bylaw violation, contact us.

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