Needle & Syringe Disposal

Syringe Disposal Container

City of Woodstock staff are unable to pick up used needles and syringes on private property. For guidance in the safe collection and disposal, contact Southwestern Public Health at 410 Buller St. Woodstock (519-421-9901). Southwestern Public Health has produced several resources to instruct residents on how to safely handle and dispose of a used needle/syringe, including the video below.


Alternate Option - Sharps Collection Containers

If you are unable to visit Southwestern Public Health for a collection container, they can alternatively be picked up at no cost at the following locations:

  • Woodstock City Hall - 500 Dundas Street
  • City of Woodstock Engineering office – 944 James St.
  • The City of Woodstock EnviroDepot

Be sure to confirm the hours of operation of the facility prior to your visit.

Full sharps containers can be returned for disposal to: Southwestern Public Healthdropped off at any of the locations listed on the sharps collection and disposal flyer, or deposited in one of the two (yellow) kiosks / disposal bins located at:

  • 21 Reeve St. – East / Wellington St. side of Oxford County building
  • 723 Dundas St. – Old St Paul’s Church / The Inn


Please! Do not place sharps in your garbage!

Placing sharps in your garbage can be dangerous for our operators and can cause serious injuries such as cuts, lacerations and illness.

What is considered a sharp?

  • Needles & syringes
  • Broken glass or porcelain
  • Razor blades
  • Anything sharp (nails, knives, etc)

What do I do with my sharps?

  • Broken glass, porcelain & razor blades: please place in a cardboard box or puncture proof container labelled “broken glass” or “sharp material inside” and our operators will collect it on your garbage day
  • Needles & Syringes: needles and syringes are to be placed in an approved sharps container, and can be disposed at approved locations, as mentioned above.

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