Municipal Parking Lots

Municipal Parking Lots

There are 10 municipal parking lots with 552 parking space including 12 accessible spaces. Each of our municipal lots is designated as either 2-hour free parking, permit parking, pay & display or a combination:

  • 2-hour Free Parking: Patrons may park for two hours without payment between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.
  • Permit Parking: Patrons must purchase a monthly, a semi-annual (January to June and/or July to December) or an annual pass/permit. The permit must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle or on the rear-view mirror in order to be able to park the designated lots from Monday to Friday. Some lots have more than one designation. Please be sure to park in the appropriate spaces designated for permits. A parking permit does not exempt you from following the bylaws.
  • Pay and Display Parking: Patrons are required to pay using the on-site machine and place the receipt on the dash of their vehicle.


 Residents and Visitors are required to adhere to all bylaws and posted signs or an infraction ticket will be issued.

Municipal Lot Parking Permits

Parking permits may be purchased at City Hall at 500 Dundas Street during regular business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We accept debit, cheque or cash. The lots are first come first serve and a permit does not reserve a spot in any of the lots. If a lot is full, please use any one of our other permit-designated lots. For more information about our municipal parking lots, including maps, view our Municipal Parking Lots page.

Apply for a Parking Permit Application Form 

Permits are not valid on any street, in any 2-hour posted lots. During the winter season (December 1 to March 31) there are overnight parking restrictions in our lots that you must adhere to.

Types of Parking Lots and Spaces Available

The table below identifies each parking lot, how many spaces and the type of parking permitted within that lot.

Municipal Parking Lot Type of Parking Permitted Number of Parking Spaces
Adelaide Street East Lot Permit and 2-hour 29
Brock Street Lot, Plot 1-A Permit and Pay & Display 72
Church of the Epiphany Lot Permit and 2-hour
(No parking between 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.)
Cole Walkway Lot 2-hour only 56
Finkle Street Lot Permit and 2-hour 25
Graham Street Lot 2-hour only 67
Light Street Lot Permit and Pay & Display 68
Market Centre Lot Permit and Pay & Display 114
Old Firehall Lot, 
Plot 1-B
Permit and 2-hour 10
Perry Street Lot Permit and 2-hour 28
Riddell Street Lot 2-hour only 32
Young Street Lot Permit and 2-hour  

Fee Structure

Woodstock City Council has approved the fees for municipal parking lot permits.

  • Daily Pay and Display Machine Permit - $2.00
  • Monthly Permit - $36.00 plus taxes
  • Semi-annual Permit - $180.00 plus taxes (January to June and/or July to December)
  • Annual Permit - $288.00 plus taxes

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