More than just Fires

WFD Station1 fire trucks closeup

Fire Suppression & Emergency Response Services

Through safety programs, rescue operations and by responding to emergencies, Woodstock Firefighters safeguard the health, safety, welfare and property of all citizens residing and visiting the City of Woodstock. Firefighters are responsible for rapidly and efficiently performing various duties under emergency conditions. These emergency conditions frequently involve considerable hazard. 

More than just Fires

Woodstock Firefighters respond to a wide variety of incidents and life threatening situations that includes the following: medical emergencies, vehicle or multi-vehicle collisions, carbon monoxide emergencies, natural-gas and propane emergencies, support in hazardous and flammable materials spills & leaks, CN & CP railroad incidents and emergencies, swift water rescue, open water rescues, ice water rescues, industrial accidents, elevator rescues, aid and assist in confined-space/trench/high-angle rescues, as well as many other types of rescues and of course ALL FIRES, such as residential fires, commercial fires, industrial fires, vehicle fires and wildland fires.

In addition to attending incidents and responding to emergencies, Firefighters engage in the following:

  • Use sophisticated firefighting apparatus and rescue equipment
  • Check all personal protective equipment, vehicles and rescue equipment
  • Perform apparatus and station maintenance
  • Promote fire safety through educational talks, programs
  • Demonstrate the use of firefighting equipment during public relations events
  • Perform pre-incident planning  
  • Perform in-service fire safety inspections of residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Complete training activities and practical drills during training exercises
  • Perform continuous physical and academic training
  • Work with Police and Ambulance personnel as well as other government agencies and services
  • Conduct post-fire salvage and cleanup on fire-scenes
  • Help contain spills on city roadways, county roads, 401 & 403 highways

Woodstock Firefighters also participate in community fire safety programs for various groups, agencies and associations throughout the city.

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