Fire Prevention and Education

The best way to protect against injury and damage from fire is through prevention and education

Public Education

We offer a number of community fire safety programs for various groups, agencies and associations throughout the city, including:

  • Emergency planning
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire safety lectures

We are also available for safety presentations and displays at local community events. We also work closely with the local school boards.

 Door-to-door Home Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Visits
Firefighters go door to door to make sure homes have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. We talk about fire safety information and make sure you have a fire escape plan for your home. Participation in the program is voluntary. Contact the Public Information Coordinator listed at the bottom of this page to request a home visit.
The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)

The Fire Service works with mental health partners to help youth and their families reduce the risks that come from playing with fire. Mental health professionals will assess the risk of continued unsafe behaviour and try to find out why your child is setting fires. The Fire Service will teach your family about fire safety. The program is free and available to children from two to 17 years of age.

TAPP-C: The Arson Prevention Program for Children

Plan Your Escape
Everyone in your home needs to know how to get out safely in an emergency. You should choose a meeting place that everyone in your family knows and have two routes to get out of your house. Have a fire drill and practice your home escape plan at least twice a year. In an emergency, it is important to remember:
  • Never use elevators in an emergency;
  • Test doors for heat with the back of your hand before opening them;
  • If you are trapped close all doors and windows between you and the fire;
  • Stuff cracks around doors with towels or blankets and signal for help with a flashlight or blanket;
  • Get out quickly and do not go back for possessions or pets;
  • Go directly to your meeting place and make sure the fire department has been contacted;
  • If you see smoke stay low;
  • Crawl for better visibility and cleaner air;
  • Test smoke alarms regularly.

Use our free Fire Escape Plan grid to draw a floor plan of your home. Show all doors and windows and two ways out of every room. Mark the meeting place outside your home.

 Portable Fire Extinguisher Training
We will come to your location and teach your business, group, club or organization about the different classes of fire and how to control them. There is a fee for this service.

Fire Prevention

Woodstock Fire Prevention Division consists of:

  • A Fire Prevention Officer (Captain of Fire Prevention Division)
  • A Fire Inspector
  • A Public Information Coordinator

The fire prevention division is responsible for fire safety inspections and public fire safety education efforts to raise public awareness of fire prevention and fire safety as well as protection from the dangers of carbon monoxide in the City of Woodstock.

Inspectors respond to and resolve citizen complaints related to fire safety and are very active in public education and other projects within the community. By enforcing the fire code, inspectors may spend time laying charges, issuing tickets and making court appearances.

Other duties include:

  • Origin and cause fire investigations
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario inspections
  • Enforcement of fire related bylaws
  • Issuing Open-Air Burn Permit and Firework Vendor Permit Applications and display permits
  • WFD PRV1 cooking graphicPublic relations and public education
  • Community events, social media, school safety talks etc.


Our normal hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

However, a fire investigator is on-call 24 hours a day to handle fire investigations or emergencies.

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