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Woodstock Transit OneCARD

Ready to use pre-loaded OneCARD transit passes (Adult, Senior, Student, Han-D-Ride and STride) are available at the vendor locations listed below.  Scroll down further for bus pass fee information. 

Group passes are only available on our transit buses.

Bus Pass Sale Locations

** Denotes - Vendors that may also reload existing cards

Vendors Adult Pass Senior Pass Student Pass Han-D-Rides STride Pass Veterans Pass

**City Hall
500 Dundas Street

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

**City Engineer's Office/Public Works Building
944 James Street

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
**Southside Aquatics Centre
315 Finkle Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
**Woodstock Public Library
445 Hunter Street
Yes Yes Yes  Yes  No No 
Woodstock District Community Complex
381 Finkle Street
Yes  Yes Yes Yes No No
645 Dundas Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Southgate Centre
191 Old Wellington Street

Yes Yes No  No No No
St. Mary's High School
431 Juliana Drive
No No Yes Yes No No
Pioneer Gas Station
334 Norwich Avenue
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
CNIB Lottery Kiosk (Walmart)
499 Norwich Avenue
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Remember to Register Your OneCARD Online

The benefit of having your bus pass registered is that you will be able to log online and report it missing or stolen, which will block your card. That is, no one can use your missing or stolen card and your remaining rides will be transferred to your new card.  We will receive a notification noting that your card has been blocked and we will activate a new card for $5.00  Once your card is processed, we will contact you to let you know when you can pick up your new card. This process does take some time, so please call ahead to be sure your card is ready for pick up.

If you forget to register your card, all this information will be lost and you will need to purchase a new card.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage for information about how to use the Woodstock Transit e-Fare System.

Reloading Your OneCARD

To reload funds to your Woodstock Transit OneCARD from the convenience of your home, click on the OneCARD Transit Pass Portal link below. You will be required to enter your credit card information in order to complete and process payment for your transit pass. Please note the website is a secured site.  However, if you are not comfortable using your credit card online, you will need to visit one of the locations noted above that is capable of reloading bus passes.  

OneCARD Transit Pass Portal

Monthly Pass Definition

A 30-Day Pass (Adult, Senior or Student) becomes activated the first time the pass is tapped on the bus.  

Example: If you purchased your pass on November 2 but you did not take your first ride until November 13, your bus pass will expire at the end of the service day on December 12.

Single Ride Fees

Exact change is required when paying for the single cash fare (see rate below).  Our drivers do not have the funds to make change. If you do not have the proper cash fare or a proper transit pass, service will not be provided.  See table below for fare rates for all our passes.

Types of Bus Passes

Type of Pass Monthly Pass Fees Single Ride Fees
Adults $60.00 $2.50 - exact change required
Seniors $48.00 $2.50 - exact change required
Students (monthly passes sold during school year) $48.00 $2.50 - exact change required
STride pass* (July-August)
Unlimited rides/transferable
ONLY for current or returning students
 $25.00 $2.50 - exact change required
Han-D-Ride (12 rides) $25.00 Not Available
Child (under 5)  Not Available Free

Veterans Pass**

Photo ID Pass Required

Follow Link Below For Information Free with Veterans Pass

Support Person**

Photo ID Pass Required 

Follow Link Below For Information Free with Support Person Pass
Group pass*** (2-5 riders) all day
Follow Link Below for Eligibility
Not Available $7.50 

*STride passes are available for purchase in June.
**Veterans and support people are eligible for free rides on our transit.
***Group Pass Eligibility

STride Passes

STride passes are for current and returning students only. Drivers may ask for proof to validate that the user is a student. A valid student card or letter on school letterhead confirming enrollment is considered proof. If you do not have proof that you are a student, you will be required to pay the cash fare. If you do not have your fare, service will not be provided.

Lost or Stolen Items

The City of Woodstock does not give refunds for any lost, stolen or confiscated transit passes. Be sure to register your card online. By registering your card, your card information can be transferred to a new card for $5.00. If your card is not registered, your information/rides are lost and you will be responsible for replacing these at your cost.

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