Development Charges

Development charges provide a source of funding for future infrastructure projects that will support residential and non-residential developments within the City of Woodstock and the County of Oxford.

Hemson Consulting Ltd. was retained by the City of Woodstock in April 2018 to complete a Development Charges (DC) Background Study. This Background Study provides the basis and background to update the City's Development Charges to accordingly reflect the servicing needs of new development in the City. Information about how the City determines these rates and notices related to the DC By-law may be found on the City's Municipal Studies and Plans webpage.

Development Charges Fees - Effective June 13, 2024

Development Charges Bylaws

There are three development charge by-laws applicable to development within the City of Woodstock:


Applicable to:

City of Woodstock City Development Charge Bylaw

Bylaw 9538-22


  • Development within the City of Woodstock


  • Administration
  • Library
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Protection
  • Roads and related services

County Wide Development Charge Bylaw

Bylaw 6121-2019


  • All new developments throughout Oxford County


  • County roads
  • County long term care facility and growth related studies
  • Non-residential development under this bylaw are exempt from the long term care facility components of the development charge

Woodstock Water & Wastewater Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw

Bylaw 6124-2019


  • Development within the City of Woodstock


  • County of Oxford water and wastewater facilities

The County Treasurer and the City Treasurer are responsible for the development charge reserve funds. You can review annual statements at their respective offices.

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