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Cycling Master Plan

In Fall 2012, the City of Woodstock retained MMM Group Limited in association with Paradigm Transportation to develop a city-wide Cycling Master Plan. Consistent with the City's commitment to improve cycling in Woodstock, a master plan has been developed, which sets out a network of on and off-road cycling routes aimed at creating:

  • Utilitarian connections to get to and from work and schools,
  • Connections to key destinations within the community such as libraries, shopping facilities, municipal offices, leisure facilities, etc., and
  • Connections to surrounding municipalities including key cycling destination.

Additional information may be found in the City's Municipal Studies and Plans page in regards to the vision and objective, presentation boards and the cycling master plan report.

Types of Bicycle Routes

There are three different types of bicycle routes:

  • Signed: Both of the bike lanes previously described will have bike route signs. In addition to lanes there are also many roads within the city that have been deemed a designed bike route. These routes will not have white lines dedicating space for cyclists, this means that cyclists and drivers will have to share the road. The bike route signs will direct cyclists when a route starts, changes and ends. Cyclists using these routes should always travel the same direction as traffic.
  • Shared bike lane: This lane is similar to the dedicated bike lane however it will not have the white painted bicycle markings. This type of lane can be used by cyclists although vehicles are also permitted to park within the lane in designated parking areas. Cyclists using these lanes should watch out for parked cars and always travel the same direction as traffic.
  • Dedicated bike lanes: This is a lane that runs along the road that is dedicated solely to cyclists. It is identified by a white line with painted white bicycle symbols. Vehicles are only allowed to pass through a dedicated bike lane when making a turn. Cyclists using these lanes should always travel the same direction as traffic.

Bicycle Route Map

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