Outdoor Composting

Composting is the process of living organisms naturally breaking down organic material giving you dark, nutrient-rich soil.

Regular Black Composter

The compost bin is an efficient, durable and economical tool that provides many benefits to homeowners and gardeners. The animal and pest resistant lid twists for variable ventilation control, and covers a large 51.43 cm (20.25 inch) opening that offers easy, generous access to add material and maintain the pile.

What can go in?

Green Stuff: leaves, grass clipping, fruit & vegetables peels, un used vegetables, flowers, plants, some weeds, pasta, rice, grains,  and small amounts of grass.
Brown Stuff: dried leaves, newspaper, paper towels, twigs, chipped wood, dead plant material, small amounts of dried grass, straw and hay.
Other Stuff: Coffee grinds & filters, egg shells
Do Not Add: bones, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, fats, oils, pet waste, coal or treated wood ash, weeds that have gone to seed, crab grass, diseased plants or large un-chopped materials.

What to do?

Loosen soil underneath composter.  Initially add 4 to 6 inch base of dead plants, twigs or course materials over loosened soil. Alternate 'green' and 'brown' materials (see above) by adding a thin layer 5-10cm of brown material followed by 5-10cm of green material.  Add soil to introduce organisms. Alternate layers, but keep loose.  For optimal results, add more browns than greens. Food residuals should be completely covered to minimize odours and fruit flies by using dry yard materials or soil. Mix after 1-2 weeks to loosen material and allow circulation of air.  Stir once per week.  Keep compost pile moist but not too wet.  There should be enough moisture so the pile is about as wet as a wrung-out sponge.  Add water if pile is too dry or dry materials if too wet.  You should have compost in as little as three months.

You can purchase our regular black composter at the Engineering Office at 944 James Street. The cost is $15.00 (taxes included). We accept cash, cheque or debit.

Composter Dimensions

  • Capacity: 311.5 litres ( 11 ftcu.)
  • Height: 83.8cm (33 inches)
  • Width: 78.7cm (31 inches)
  • Lid opening: 51.43cm (20.25 inches)
  • Accessories: 4 screw pegs, backyard composting manual

Green Cone Composter

The green cone composter is an in-ground composting system, but is not your typical composter and will not deal with garden waste.  You can compost almost all kitchen waste reducing the amount you put in your garbage bag. It will handle kitchen scraps from an average family of four.  It requires no stirring as it produces no compost. 90% of waste is decomposed into nutrient rich water that is absorbed into the soil.  Empty once every 2-3 years directly into your yard waste composter or dig directly into the garden or ground.  It requires direct sun and decent drainage. 

What goes in?

Fish, Meat, Poultry, Bones, Bread, Pasta, Soup, Curry, Fruit including peelings, Vegetables including peelings, Dairy, cooked food scraps, crushed egg shells, Tea bags, and Coffee grinds.

You can purchase a green cone composter at the Engineering Office at 944 James Street. The cost is $40.00 (taxes included). We accept cash, cheque or debit.

Rain barrels

The barrel's somewhat square shape is ideal for flush-to-wall and corner installation. The tall spigot placement accommodates most water cans. It has an insect resistant stainless steel screen, resilient faucet/spigot, easy multi-barrel installations, stable footprint and childproof lid. Cost: $40.00 (taxes included). We accept cash, cheque or debit.  You may pick up a rain-barrel at the Engineering Office at 944 James Street.


  • Capacity: 208 litres (55 gallons)
  • Height: 86cm (34 inches)
  • Width: 61cm (24 inches)
  • Accessories: installation instructions, spigot, screws, overflow hose and clamp

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