Burn Permit

A fire permit, or open-air burning permit, is required for all residential properties taking part in open-air burning.


Woodstock Fire Department Open-air burning permit applications can now be submitted online. Alternatively, print off and complete the paper copy of the form below.

Contact the fire hall to submit the form or if you have question.


If you violate the open-air burning bylaw, you may be issued a:

  • Violation notice (ticket)
  • Summons to appear in Provincial Court for violating the Municipal Code or the Ontario Fire Code.


If you're concerned about an open-air burn, contact Police and Fire Dispatch at 519-537-2323 (non-emergency contact number).

Medical concerns

If you have a health condition that can be affected by an open-air burn, complete an Open air burning medical relief form, complete with a doctor's note, and mail or drop it off at the Fire Hall Headquarters.

The doctor's note is only used to confirm that an open-air burning can affect you because of a medical condition. It's not used to identify the specific medical condition.

To protect your privacy, doctor's notes that contain specific medical information will not be accepted.

For complete details, read the open-air burning bylaw.



A permit issued under the By-law is valid for a period of  five (5) years from the date of issue.  It is the permit holders responsibility to renew the Open Air permit by completing and submitting a new application to the Woodstock Fire Department including all supported documents required by the Chief.

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