Bulk Item Collection

Collection schedule

A maximum of five bulky items are collected once per month beginning in April and ending in September. Small items are not considered bulk items and must be placed in a garbage bag,tagged and put out on your garbage collection day.

Bulky items must be placed at the curb no earlier than the Saturday and no later than 7:30 a.m. on the Monday before your collection week. Please note,that if your collection is mid to end of the week, you must still place your items our by 7:30 a.m. Monday.

Bulk item collection begins the week of April 3, 2017 and the last week of collection is September 25, 2017. Please view our collection schedule and map to see when we will be in your area or check out the when's my pickup and what goes where with the wasteline app.

What bulky item can and cannot be set out at the curb?

Residential Homes

Acceptable Items

Armoires, BBQ's without the propane tank, carpet (6ft long, rolled and tied), chests, couches, chairs, desks, floor lamps, furniture, headboards, mattresses and box springs, pool covers, pool filters (no sand), tables, water softeners (no salt).

Unacceptable Items

Appliances, car parts, concrete, construction debris, electronics (drop off bin available at yard waste depot), glass, hazardous materials, household garbage, lumber, microwaves, TV's (drop off bin located at yard waste depot), Tire (drop off bin located at yard waste depot), toilets (drop off bin at yard waste depot), windows

Multi-family residential units - Row-housing, condominium units

Only units that currently receive garbage collection from the City of Woodstock Public Works Department will receive bulk items collection.

Your items must be set out in front of your unit only, no earlier than the weekend prior to your scheduled collection week and no later than 7:30 a.m. on the Monday of your collection week. Community piles at the curbside will not be collected. Please ­check with your property management/landlord before setting out any articles.

Frequently asked questions

Why were my items not picked up?

There are a few reasons why this happened:

  • You placed the wrong items at the curb - we do not take items that are small and can be placed in a garbage bag. If you are not sure what goes where, please check out the County's wasteline app or call the Engineering Department first before placing your times out.
    • Some examples:
      • Garden hoses & garden edging - these items can be rolled up and placed in a garbage bag and tagged and placed out on your collection day,
      • Small appliances such as microwaves, kettles, toasters, toaster ovens, vacuum cleaners - these items can be disposed of during the HHW oir Bulk Item Depot days - see below for dates, or taken to a scrap metal company,
      • Plastic flower pots - this can be placed in your recycling bin, please note small plastic plant cells must be placed in your garbage bag,
      • Small carpet or carpet remnants, curtain rods - these can be rolled up or broken down and placed in a garbage bag,
      • Ceramic, clay, or stone flower pots or bird baths - Small items must be placed in a garbage bag. Bag can not weigh more than 44lbs Sharp pieces must be disposed of in a container and marked clearly of broken pieces and tagged out for garbage pick up. 
      • Wood, cabinets, construction material - these items must be disposed of during the Bulk Item Depot days. We do not take construction material at the curb.
  • You placed too many items out - we only take up to five bulky items per your bulk item collection week. See our City Services Calendar for your collection weeks or call the Engineering Department.
  • You placed your items out too late or on the wrong week - please remember that you must have your big items placed out by 7:30 a.m.of the Monday of your collection week even if your garbage day is on Tuesday, or Friday. Once we have been through your street, we will not be back to pick up missed items. Also remember that we have the whole week to pick up these items. Due to the amount of items placed out for that area, it may take us until Friday to complete that area, please be patient with us.

What do I do if my items were not picked up?

  • You placed your items on the wrong week - you will need to take those items in and place them back out on your proper week. See our City Services Calendar for when we are in your area, or call the Engineering Department. If you place your items out too early you will need to remove those items from the curb and place them out on your collection week as per our Property Maintenance Bylaw Chapter 0731 Garbage-Recyclables Collection. If you do not remove your items, you will be asked to remove them by our Bylaw Enforcement Officer and if you are not compliant the City will remove these items at your cost.
  • You placed the wrong items out - you will need to dispose of them in the proper format. Some items will need to be placed in a garbage bag and tagged and other items may be placed in your recycling bin, or disposed of at the Bulk Item Depot day. See our Special Waste Collection Events below or visit the Wasteline app for proper disposal of items.
  • You placed too many large items out - you will need to take them back in and place them back out on your next bulk item collection week. You can not keep those items out until your next collection week. 

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