Boulevard Parking

As noted in the Municipal Code, Chapter 0500 - Parking - Driving on Boulevards, vehicles cannot be parked on a boulevard in a residential or commercial area within the City of Woodstock.

Exemptions may be granted if no other practical alternative can be found and where the exception complies with the policies outlined below. Learn more about exemption eligibility for Residential or Commercial properties.:

  • The property does not have a garage.
  • There is less than 2.5 metres between the dwelling and the boulevard and its side and/or rear lot yards are graded in such a way that the construction of a driveway or parking lot is impractical.
  • The property has an agreement with the city to lease a parking space on the boulevard.

Exemption Process

You must submit your request in writing to the Engineering Department. The request must include:

  • A copy of a survey plan for the property, if available, showing where you propose to park. If there is no survey, you must still submit a drawing proposing where you would like to park showing dimension. 
  • A $50 non-refundable registration fee must accompany the request.
  • The engineering department will review your request and contact you with our decision.
  • If your request is approved, you must obtain an estimate of the cost of completing the required work to the satisfaction of the city engineer from a suitable contractor, and you must enter into an agreement with the City.
  • If the exemption is denied, you may appeal the decision to council at your own discretion.

Fee Schedule

  • Registration fee - $50 (tax incl.) (non-refundable one-time fee)
  • Permit fees: $2.75 (tax incl.) per square meter

Paying a Parking Ticket

If you get a Parking Ticket, there are several ways you can pay it.

Report a Problem

If you would like to report a parking bylaw violation, contact us.

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