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Animal Bylaws

Our animal bylaws are designed to ensure the safety of everyone in Woodstock and their pets. The following are summaries of various Woodstock animal bylaws. For complete details, search the city municipal code for the appropriate bylaw chapter.

Dog and Cat Keeping (Chapter 212)

It's against our bylaw to keep more than three domestic dogs and two domestic cats or two domestic dogs and three domestic cats, older than 4 months.

Only licensed kennels and veterinarians are exempt from this bylaw. For full details, read chapter 212 of the municipal code.

Dog and Cat Identification

Dog and cat owners are required to identify their animal with a microchip or personalized tag that provides information on how to contact the owner. Pet owners can purchase a personalized tag with their phone number printed on it, either online or at a local pet store, obtain a tag from their vet, or have their animal microchipped in order to meet the bylaw requirements. 

Dog and Cat Running at Large

Dogs and cats are not permitted to run at large in any place beyond the owner's premises unless they are under the control of the owner or another person. Contact the bylaw office for enforcement measures.

Dogs - Stoop and Scoop (Chapter 216)

All dog owners are required to remove any waste left by dogs immediately. Contact the bylaw office for enforcement measures.

For full details, read Chapter 216 of the municipal code.

Dogs - Muzzle Order (Chapter 202)

A muzzle order can be issued when, in the absence of mitigating factors, the dog has attacked, bitten or caused injury. An application for a muzzle order can be submitted to the Clerk's Department.

For full details, read Chapter 202 of the municipal code.

Exotic Animals (Chapter 224)

This bylaw prohibits the keeping of defined exotic animals within city limits.

For full details, read Chapter 224 of the municipal code.

Fowl, Pigeons and Livestock Keeping (Chapter 232)

There are a number of restrictions for the keeping of such animals including location and flight time restrictions. For full details, read Chapter 232 of the municipal code.

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