Transit Services offers an environmentally-conscious way to get around town with affordable rates and regularly scheduled routes.  We offer both a conventional and parat-transit (accessible transit) options. Please visit our para-transit page for details on our accessible service. Both our hours of operation and six existing routes have been modified. Please scroll down for information on our fares, ticket purchases, bus route map and notices of when our transit system is closed due to statutory holidays.

New Transit Fare/ Smart Card Launch

Woodstock Transit is getting ready to launch the new Transit Smart Card! 

photo of New Transit Smart CardPre-loaded Smart Cards will be available for purchase at all the regular retailers that currently sell bus passes (Adult, Student and Senior monthly passes, HDR and STride). Group passes will only be available on the buses once this launch begins.

Future fares may either be uploaded online in the convenience of your own home, at one of our four city facilities: City Hall (500 Dundas Street), Engineering Office (944 James Street), Southside Aquatics (315 Finkle Street)  and the Woodstock Public Library (445 Hunter Street), or by purchasing a new preloaded smart card.  

Public Information Sessions (City Hall, Council Chambers)

To learn how to use and upload these smart cards, we are offering two public information sessions. Please join us in Council Chambers at City Hall at 500 Dundas Street. The dates and time of these sessions are noted below.

  • Monday, October 16, 2017 - 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Monday, October 23, 2017 - 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

If you are travelling by bus, you may take #3 North Central and #4 Northwest, which travel on Dundas Street in front of City Hall. #6 Southwest stops a block away from City Hall (stop behind the Museum). View our transit route map for route details.

If you are travelling by vehicle and are not familiar with our downtown parking, please follow the link to the municipal parking lot map to see where parking is available.

How to use your Smart Card

Monthly passes are no longer by calendar month.  A monthly pass is valid for a month from the first day that it is activated on the bus.  For example, if you purchase or load your smart card from your computer at the beginning of November (November 2nd), but do not actually take the bus until mid-November (November 12th), your pass will be valid unitl mid-December (December 11th). The pass is valid for only a month from the date the card is first used on the bus.

You also have the ability to have several fare options on one card.  For example, you could load a monthly adult pass and three (3) individual rides.  Please note, the monthly pass will always be used first before any other fare. The fare validator will does not have the ability to choose various fares. It will always read the monthly pass first.

Please watch for our media release for more information!

Hours of Service

Conventional transit runs on a 30-minute service loop. To maintain transit services schedules, buses will leave the terminal on time. The following hours are provided for both conventional and para-transit service:

  • Monday to Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: No service

Lost or Stolen Items

Woodstock Transit is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bus passes.  The owner is responsible for replacing these items at their expense.


There will be no transit or para-transit services on the following days:

  • Christmas Day: Monday, December 25, 2017 (Christmas Day),
  • Boxing Day: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 (Boxing Day), and 
  • New Year's Day: Monday, January 1, 2018.

Transit and para-transit will be operating on the following days:

  • Remembrance Day: Friday, November 11, 2017.


#4 NorthWest-bus stop closed

Please be advised that the bus stop at the corner of Broadway Street and Dundas Street has been closed due to construction equipment in the area.  A temporary bus stop is located on Dundas Street, just west of Broadway Street.

#6 Southwest

Due to the construction at the corner of Parkinson Avenue and Norwich Avenue, we have closed the bus stop in front of Swiss Chalet.  Please board the bus in front of A&W.  The bus will turn left on Salter Avenue, right on Powell Street and left on Parkinson Avenue to regular route.

**Please note that this detour may change from time to time during construction.  Check this detour frequently**

Maps and Schedules

For a general overview map and schedule of our transit routes and fare information view the Woodstock Transit Routes Map.

How to Read the Transit Map

Find out when the bus will be at your nearest stop in three easy steps!

  1. Review the Transit Map to determine the bus route (1-6) closest to you.
  2. Once your bus route is determined, find the route on the bus schedule and locate your nearest bus stop intersection.
  3. Move down the column to find the next time the bus will arrive at your stop.

Transit Fares

Exact change is required when paying for the single cash fare. Our drivers will not have the funds to make change. If you do not have the proper cash fare or a proper transit pass, service will not be provided.

Please note that our STride passes are for current and returning students only.  Drivers may ask for proof to validate that the user is a student (this is explained on the back of the STride pass).  A valid student card or letter on school letterhead confirming enrollment is considered proof.  If you do not have proof that you are a student, you are then required to pay the cash fare of $2.50. If you do not have your fare, service will not be provided.

If any transit passes looks like they have been replicated/copied or tampered with, you will not be able to board unless you are able to pay for your ride via cash fare.

As noted above, the City does not give refunds for any lost, stolen or confiscated transit passes. You will be responsible for replacing these at your cost.

Fare Type Single Ride Monthly Pass
Adults $2.50 (exact change required) $60.00
Students (Monthly passes sold during school year only) $2.50 (exact change required) $48.00
STride pass (July-August) For Current or Returning Students ONLY
Student transit ride - unlimited rides/transferable
n/a $25.00
Seniors (+60) $2.50 (exact change required) $48.00
Child (under 5)  Free n/a
Veterans pass* see link below Photo ID Pass required Free n/a
Support person* see link below Photo ID Pass required  Free n/a
Group pass (2-5 riders) all day $7.50   n/a
Han-D-ride pass (12 rides) n/a $25.00

*Veterans and support people are eligible for free rides on our transit.

Authorized transit agents

Passes may be purchased at these locations.

Location Adult Pass Senior Pass Student Pass Han-D-Rides Group Pass STride Pass Veteran's Pass Support Person Pass

City Hall
500 Dundas Street

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a Yes
City Engineer's Office / Public Works Building
944 James Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a
Woodstock District Community Complex
381 Finkle Street
Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a
Woodstock Public Library
445 Hunter Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a
Southside Aquatics Centre
315 Finkle Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a
645 Dundas Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a
Shoppers Drug Mart
333 Dundas Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a n/a
TD Canada Trust
539 Dundas Street
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a n/a

Southgate Centre
191 Old Wellington Street

Yes Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a
Fanshawe College
369 Finkle Street
n/a  n/a Yes n/a n/a  Yes n/a n/a
St. Mary's High School
431 Juliana Drive
n/a n/a Yes n/a n/a Yes n/a n/a

Woodstock Transit Study

View our Reports, Plans, Budgets and Studies page for study reports, public open house meeting and more


For information regarding chartering a city bus, please contact our Transit Supervisor.


Our buses are equipped with the following accessibility features:

  • Kneel to street level and an extendable ramp
  • Highly visible destination sign
  • Loudspeaker at the front door
  • Lighted step wells with high contrast markings
  • Yellow grab bars
  • Priority seating
  • Low reflection, high friction flooring to prevent slips
  • Lowered stop cords and push buttons
  • 2 wheelchair compartments
  • Interior audible/visual 'call-outs' and stop requests

The bus stop plates indicate time of arrival, route number and a contact number for information and have contrasting colours for higher visibility.