Animal Services


We believe that responsible pet ownership is a wonderful thing.

To ensure the safety of everyone in Woodstock and their pets, pet owners are required to be aware of our:

Looking for somewhere to play with your dog?

We provide 2 leash-free dog parks available for use:

Henry St. between Butler St. and Finkle St.

  • 6.4 acres (2.6 ha)
  • Fully fenced
  • Naturalization/reforestation area
  • Parking available

Roth Park (south shore of Pittock Lake)

  • 2.47 acres (1 ha)
  • Fully fenced
  • Public washrooms available May 1 through Thanksgiving weekend
  • Parking available

These parks are intended for leash-free dog walking. We don't recommended having your dog leashed while using the parks. Read the complete list of leash-free dog park rules.