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Woodstock Art Cycle

Woodstock Public Library with bicycle racks in front

Woodstock Art Cycle supports the health and wellness of our community by celebrating local arts and culture, creating vibrant public spaces and enhancing active transportation in Woodstock

In 2022, the Woodstock Art Gallery announced an open call to residents of Woodstock to submit a design for a bike rack. Five finalists were selected by a jury following feedback from the public: Adele Figliomeni, Heidi Fotsch, Nicole Major, Filomena McMahon and Claudia Silva Prates.

Photo Gallery: Woodstock Art Cycle will appear here on the public site.


The bike racks were fabricated and generously donated by Maglin Site Furniture. A total of 50 bike racks with 10 of each design will be installed at locations throughout the city including parks, recreation and culture facilities, Woodstock Public Library and City Hall.

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Artist Statements

Adele Figliomeni

I wanted to incorporate numerous cultural elements within Woodstock — Library, Theatre, Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Casino and Cowapolooza, incorporating them all into one cohesive unity. It is our culture as a whole that makes Woodstock a special place.

Computer rendering of bicycle rack that looks like an open book

Heidi Fotsch

Is there anything more representative of Woodstock than the Dairy Cow? This cow looks super friendly — just like all Woodstonians!

Computer rendering of bicycle rack that looks like a sign with a cow on it

Nicole Major

My inspiration came from walking and biking the trails in Woodstock. We are not separate from our environment. There is so much that can be learned and felt if we could just slow down and notice. I think bringing art outdoors encourages taking that time to stop and look. Whether it's a frog hoping across your path, a blue heron fishing for breakfast or a friendly smile from a stranger. It's a way of teaching future generations that beauty can be found in unexpected places.
Computer rendering of bicycle rack that looks like a sign with abstract drawings of frogs, nature and a bird on it

Filomena McMahon

Having grown up in Woodstock, when I think of the city I am reminded of it being the Dairy Capital. From the annual Dairy Capital Run to the statue of the Snow Countess, a cow was the first thing to come to mind when trying to represent our city. I added a cool spin-off to our 'mascot,' by adding the shades and the fun ear tag!
Computer rendering of bicycle rack that looks like a sign with a cow wearing sunglasses on it

Claudia Silva Prates

At home we have three bicycles. We love cycling around Woodstock, exploring the trails and the breathtaking trees we find along the way.
Computer rendering of bicycle rack that looks like a tree formed of bicycles

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