WAG Visual Elements 64 Louis Sullivan, Giants in Oxford County, Unknown

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acrylic painting of a farm field in winter with three windmills in the distance and a pointing hand in the foreground


Louis Sullivan, Woodstock
Giants in Oxford County, Unknown, 2022
acrylic on board, TV cord

“This work is a modern adaptation of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, in which Don Quixote tips his lance at a field of windmills he mistakes for giants. The work is also an homage to American realist painter Andrew Wyeth. Like Wyeth, I enjoy using the landscape to carry my abstraction. The design and shape of the unplugged work leaves the viewer questioning what it is they are looking at, for enough time to pull them away from a screen. I formatted the work at the 16:9 screen aspect ratio, hoping the contemporary art viewer would find comfort in the ‘screen shape.’” 



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