WAG Visual Elements 62 Steve Money, "3 Girls"

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Painting of a woman with long blue hair and two women with blonde hair

Steve Money, Brantford
3 Girls, 2019
Oil, oil stick, pastel, enamel
60.96 x 76.2 cm

“The tourism industry. People travelling together. A place. I’ve been there. Here’s the proof. Post it on social media. Send it around the world. Share the memory. Bond. Talk to friends.

One arms’ length. One metre. Two arms’ length. Two metres. A ban on travel. Go home and stay home.

Virtual travel and video chat. A world wide web of connections creating a global village. News travelling quickly.

Industries dying. New ones being born. Millionaires become billionaires. Billionaires become Trillionaires. The gig economy has no net. Youth are unemployed. Rent is due. A generation screwed. This is a planet.”



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