WAG Visual Elements 62 Shirley Hokke, "Resistance to Existence"

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Abstract beige, blue and orange painting

Shirley Hokke, Otterville
Resistance to Existence, 2020
Oil and cold wax medium
60.96 x 45.72 x 3.81 cm

“Emphatic strokes of determined layers resulted in a creative sojourn of both colour and texture. The non-objective artwork represents a focal space of my inner sanctum of chaos and order during our current troubling times. Oil and cold wax medium was applied and demonstrates an expression of contrasting textures of hard and soft edges.  The cool muted colours juxtaposed to the warm orange/reds show my personal marks in both vibrancy and vigour. The image allows the viewer to rest in the depths of blues created with multiple layers of oil and cold wax medium.”

Artist’s Website: www.facebook.com/shirleyhokkeartist



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