WAG Visual Elements 62 Peter Adams, "Weight Bearing Limbs"

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A young woman with long brown hair standing it front of a tree


Peter Adams, Collingwood 
Weight Bearing Limbs, 2019
Oil on canvas
76.2 x 121.92 x 5.08 cm

“This ancient maple seemed a great symbol of the complex relationship we humans have with nature, its hollow trunk now filled with concrete and rebar and its limbs optimistically supported by posts of steel and wood.  The bolstered limbs also offered a great juxtaposition in this portrait of my daughter.  I was interested in capturing the contemplative gaze that seems to be much more common since she entered her teenage years.  Her left arm appears to support a head full of independent and personal thoughts, a very different look than my paintings of her as a child.”

Artist’s Website: www.peteradamsart.com



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