WAG Visual Elements 62 Mercedes Victoria, "Invasion of Privacy"

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Graphite and charcoal drawing of a crystal doorknob

Mercedes Victoria, Beachville
Invasion of Privacy, 2019
Graphite and charcoal
50.8 x 50.8 x 1.9 cm

“Doorknobs are practical, everyday objects found in every house, but they serve a very important purpose to the owner. You can choose which doors to open and which to keep closed, hiding away parts of your life from view. The intricate reflections and shadows of the cut glass however leave nothing hidden. The more you look at the old crystal doorknob, the more you discover and the harder you continue to look until everything is known. As you explore the details, there is a kind of invasion that is taking place. Secrets are being discovered, hiding places uncovered, until finally nothing is left unknown.”

Artist’s Website: www.mercedesvictoria-artist.com



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