WAG Visual Elements 62 Mercedes Victoria, "Close Your Eyes & Listen"

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Graphite and charcoal drawing of a seashell

Mercedes Victoria, Beachville
Close Your Eyes & Listen, 2019
Graphite and charcoal
40.64 x 50.8 x 1.9 cm

“Do you remember holding a seashell up to your ear to hear the ocean waves crashing inside? As adults, we know there weren’t any waves rolling around in there. As a child however, we believed the illusion…you could hear the impossible.

If you took that same seashell and cut it in half, ran tests on it, and performed x-rays, that magical illusion is broken. There is no ocean inside the shell. As we grow up, we seem determined to destroy these incredible beliefs we held onto as a child, instead breaking it down into facts and data. We begin to lose our sense of wonderment of the world.

In nature, the inside of these shells were never meant to be seen; their secrets always hidden away in the turns and curves. Does the knowledge of its inner workings outweigh the uncomplicated wonder that can be discovered in the impossible? Or can we still bring back some of that simple amazement even after learning the facts?”

Artist’s Website: www.mercedesvictoria-artist.com



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