WAG Visual Elements 62 Lisa Gerrard, "Paradise in Pontypool"

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Grey and white abstract artwork

Lisa Gerrard, London
Paradise in Pontypool, 2020
Mixed-acrylic paint, modelling gel, pumice, linen, burlap on canvas
101.6 x 91.44 cm

“My old pal Laurel was a provincial wildlife biologist. The department offices were moved from Toronto to Peterborough, giving her the opportunity to purchase a country property with its own lake, stream, forests, and the remnants of an old golf course. Using Google Earth, I took photographs of her 178 acres. Focusing on part of the shoreline where the stream connects, I used that composition to produce this abstract interpretation. Texture, relief and motion were created by applying linen, burlap, acrylic paint thickened with modeling paste and pumice onto canvas.”



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