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Asian style gourd sculpture

Linda Yeoman, Burgessville
Partners, 2019
Asian style gourd sculpture
55.88 x 53.34 x 25.4 cm

“The beauty and shapes of nature’s creations in gourds makes for unique and one of a kind sculptures. This sculpture is made with two snake gourds that were grown in my own garden here in Oxford County. From seed, to plant, to gourd, to the clean and dried ‘fruit’ takes almost a year. At that time they are ready to be left to the artist to enhance their beauty. Once dried and treated they will last forever. My love of collage is seen in the carefully applied papers to the one gourd and is showcased against a painted gourd and the two partnered together and attached to an Asian-inspired wooden base.”

Artist’s Website: www.facebook.com/LindaYeomanFineArt



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