WAG Visual Elements 62 Linda Trowell, "Ode to Monet"

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Painting of water lilies on the water

Linda Trowell, Ingersoll
Ode to Monet, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
40.64 x 50.58 x 3.81 cm

“Humans have long been attracted to water. It is a component of life itself, for all living things.  There is a magical attraction to the surface and a mystery of what lies beneath. The surface reflects reality, and moves with the rhythm of winds and weather.  It’s full of energy on a stormy day, or serene and peaceful on a calm summer day.  Such is this humble tribute to Monet, whose name has become almost synonymous with water lilies, fragile, yet strong, and beautiful for all to admire.”  

Artist’s Website: www.coaart.com/linda-j-trowell/



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