WAG Visual Elements 62 Kathy Dolan, "Inquisitive"

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Graphite sketch of a little boy with short curly hair

Kathy Dolan, Ingersoll
Inquisitive, 2019
Graphite on Pastelmat
30.48 x 40.64 cm

“I’ve always felt the need to share my art. I paint not only for self-gratification, but also to share in the hope that others will feel the same emotions. I don’t merely want you to see what I saw; my goal is that my paintings will transcend your senses and you’ll feel as though you could walk into the painting, feel the sunlight on your face, hear the sounds of nature, and perhaps walk a bit deeper into the forest. By recreating the scene realistically, paying attention to the textures, shapes and colours in the landscape and how the light affects them, I hope that I can achieve this.”

Artist’s Website: www.kathydolan.com



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