WAG Visual Elements 62 Janet Whittington, "Ancient Runes"

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Silver oblong bead with pattern of ancient runes

Janet Whittington, Ingersoll
Ancient Runes, 2020
Sterling silver and 24K gold hollow form bead
5.71 x 1.27 x 0.63 cm

“Paying tribute to ancient civilizations, low-relief textures were first 'etched' onto polymer clay and then transferred to the soft, fine-grained silver. Each side of the sterling silver and 24k gold elliptical bead was cut, dried and sanded. The bead was constructed and then fired in a jeweller's kiln. An ancient Korean metalworking technique, keum-boo, was employed to permanently bond 24K gold to one face of the bead, highlighting a vertical band on the textured runes. The other face of the bead features an Eastern lotus pictograph. The bead is threaded on a sterling chain with a sterling lobster clasp.”

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